Terraglow: Halloween Edition

Terraglow Halloween Edition

Terraglow: Halloween Edition


Are you afraid of the dark? If so, you may not be the biggest fan of Halloween. However, TERRAZZCO® has a flooring system that is sure to brighten up your Halloween spirits. For our Halloween edition, we would like to introduce you to Terraglow, the world’s first glow-in-the-dark epoxy resin system.


Terraglow is available in four epoxy resin colors: Blue, Green, Violet, and Aqua. Our drafting team had some delightful fun creating these Halloween-themed designs. Have a look for yourself.

Terraglow Pumpkin Glow
Terraglow Halloween Edition: Werewolf Glow

While some flooring options can turn out horrific (squeaky floorboards and stained carpets aside), terrazzo offers more treats than tricks. You won’t be haunted by the poor decisions to replace the flooring of the years. Terrazzo can last on average up to 75 years. In addition to terrazzo’s durability, the design opportunities make terrazzo a desirable material on any architect’s wish list.


Terraglow provides an energetic uplift in flooring today. Whether you are interested in adding spooky Halloween designs or any Holiday-themed design to your commercial space, our design team can help customize a design that matches your needs.



At Concord Terrazzo Company, we find innovative ways to use our TERRAZZCO® Brand Products to revolutionize the terrazzo industry. Interested in Terraglow or any of our other products? Then contact Concord Terrazzo Company today at info@terrazzco.com to receive more information.


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