Terrazzo Christmas Ornaments

Terrazzo Christmas Ornaments

Terrazzo Christmas Ornaments from TERRAZZCO


Concord Terrazzo Company would like to introduce TERRAZZCO® Brand terrazzo Christmas ornaments. At Concord Terrazzo Company, we value innovation; therefore, we are the first terrazzo contractor to develop ornaments made from terrazzo.  Using different TERRAZZCO® Brand epoxy resin and aggregates for the mix design, our design team created beautiful Christmas-themed ornaments. Our designs include a Christmas star, a Christmas tree, a snowflake, and a reindeer, all made out of epoxy terrazzo. There is so much you can do with terrazzo. Upon completion, we send out ornaments to contractors throughout the United States thanking them for their business.

Christmas Star Terrazzo Ornament
Christmas Tree Terrazzo Ornament
Reindeer Christmas Ornament
Snowflake Terrazzo Christmas Ornament
Terraglow Christmas Ornament

In fact, one of our Christmas trees is made from our glow-in-the-dark epoxy resin, Terraglow. In daylight, the ornament will look like a standard terrazzo piece and illuminates at night or in dark settings after powered by sunlight or artificial light.

Terraglow Terrazzo Ornament

At Concord Terrazzo Company, we find innovative ways to use our TERRAZZCO® Brand Products to revolutionize the terrazzo industry. Contact Concord Terrazzo Company today at info@terrazzco.com to receive more information about TERRAZZCO products.