TERRAZZCO Christmas Ornaments 2017

Christmas Ornaments 2017

TERRAZZCO Christmas Ornaments


Concord Terrazzo Company has started its own Christmas tradition – designing ornaments for our clients. What started during the 2016 holiday season is now continued into 2017 and onward. This year we’ve added brand new designs to our Christmas Ornaments 2017 collection. Using different TERRAZZCO® Brand epoxy resin and aggregates, our design team formulated a mix design to create each beautiful ornament. Using a waterjet, we were able to cut each design precisely. Check out the fine details of our snowflake designs, which clearly show there is a lot you can do with terrazzo in terms of design. As our tradition continues, we send out our collection to terrazzo contractors, architects, and interior designers that we’ve worked closely over the past year.

Happy Holidays - Terrazzo Ornaments

Terrazzo is known for its design flexibility. Since our foundation, Concord Terrazzo Company is dedicated to helping architects and designers create a custom flooring system using epoxy terrazzo. Any design an architect can think of can be replicated right onto the floor. The ornaments that we designed for our clients are perfect examples of how an image can be cut for a terrazzo floor. Each year we brainstorm new ideas for waterjet. This year we created an assortment of Christmas-themed ornaments: snowflakes, reindeers, gingerbread man, star, stockings, and Santa Claus himself.

Terrazzo Snowflake Ornament