TERRAZZCO Filter Press

A New Innovation That Recycles Construction Slurry

At Concord Terrazzo Company, we have a great selection of products through our TERRAZZCO® Brand Products line. Today we will educate you on the TERRAZZCO® Filter Press 18-5.


For those who do not know what a filter press is, it is a machine designed to separate solids and liquids using pressure. The first filter press dates back to 1853 in the United Kingdom.  New technological developments have been added ever since. Today filter presses help in the de-watering of mineral slurries to blood plasma purification. Our portable filter press removes leftover slurry from construction projects and converts the liquid into one cubic foot of compressed solids. Easy to use with no labor necessary.


The slurry is a semiliquid mixture that comes from a variety of sources. Some sources include cement, coals, and soil. With the TERRAZZCO® Filter Press 18-5, the machine is capable of turning the slurry into one cubic foot of compressed solids.

How the Filter Press Works

Take the portable filter press to any job site. The filter press has a slurry inlet connection and filtrate outlet connection. With automation technology installed within the machinery, the slurry can transport via the inlet connection where a hydraulic cylinder presses plates together to create a new compound. As a result, the machine creates automation for a continuous supply of recycled, clean water, and one cubic foot of compressed solids.


You can use this machine in many applications. Applications include concrete grinding and polishing, terrazzo grinding and polishing, and stone fabrication shops.


Download Filter Press Information Sheet for More Details


The terrazzo industry has transformed over the last century, with new technology making it more cost-effective and efficient to work with terrazzo. TERRAZZCO® Brand Products commits to supplying our customers with high-quality, industry-leading products that will stand the test of time. Each day we conduct research and test new innovative technologies to manufacture products that meet and exceed customer expectations. A superior product leads to a superior experience.

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