TERRAZZCO’s Construction Aggregate Offerings for Commercial Applications

Construction Aggregate Offerings

Construction Aggregate Applications

Aggregates are found across many of today’s construction projects. From commercial buildings to public works, high-quality raw materials are essential to developing a strong foundation for years to come. As a leading supplier of post-industrial and post-consumer construction aggregates, at TERRAZZCO, we crush high-quality raw materials in large quantities. These aggregates are sourced regionally from recycled waste facilities, crushed, and processed for reuse by flooring contractors and construction workers among different applications. We supply a wide range of marble, glass, and shell chips in many different sizes and colors. A TERRAZZCO representative can assist you in finding the right construction aggregate for your project. Some of the industries we provide aggregates for include:


  • Crushed aggregates in over 50 colors to help you design one-of-a-kind epoxy terrazzo flooring and countertop designs, and even outdoor cement terrazzo systems. We are the only terrazzo manufacturer to source, crush, and process our own aggregates. Each aggregate is packaged in 50-pound bags, and available in bulk supply options including pallet-size, super sacks, and full truckload quantities.
  • Crushed aggregates are also applicable in polished concrete and industrial concrete flooring system
  • Landscaping projects can find bulk quantities of our decorative construction aggregates to create beautiful walkways, rock gardens, and fountains.
  • We can supply architectural precast contractors with TERRAZZCO marble aggregates to form beautiful aesthetics to the outside of commercial buildings including healthcare facilities and office complexes.
  • Surface aggregates for non-skid surfaces such as roads, glassphalt, bridges, and bike paths. 
  • Crushed aggregates may also be applied for roofing applications atop commercial buildings.
Terrazzo Chips
Terrazzo Chips

Terrazzo Chips

Terrazzo is one of the most durable and decorative flooring systems available for commercial buildings. During the 16th century, Venetian marble workers build terraces out of reused marble scraps. This started the foundation for terrazzo flooring. Traditionally, terrazzo consisted of marble aggregates blended in a cement binder. As the industry evolved, the development of epoxy terrazzo brought more design opportunities. This led to the increased use of glass chips, Mother of Pearl, pebbles, and synthetic chips in terrazzo flooring, providing more options for consumers to use with marble chips.


Concord Terrazzo Company has grown its business around innovation and sustainable business practices. All TERRAZZCO aggregates are sourced locally from waste plants and quarries and recycled for reuse in terrazzo floors. Using a crusher, we crush and package a wide range of aggregates. You can find many colors and sizes at TERRAZZCO. Our size options are labeled #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, and #3. This is the standard grade system used in the terrazzo industry. Once packaged, we work with contractors to help them install terrazzo in new construction and renovation projects. These aggregates are used in poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo flooring systems, stair treads, countertops, tabletops, showers, walls, and other terrazzo finishes.

Polished Concrete Chips And Stone Carpet Chips

Polished concrete and stone carpets are similar to terrazzo flooring in that the makeup of the flooring system involves aggregates. Decorative aggregates are added to the concrete and exposed. When completed, it provides a strong and durable floor for building facilities. On the other hand, a stone carpet is a floor covering that consists of colorful marble or pebbles bound with a polyurethane resin or epoxy resin.


Flooring contractors can find the correct size of graded aggregates and colors at TERRAZZCO, which can enhance the aesthetics of their finished flooring system.

Landscaping Glass and Stones

Landscape designers and contractors can find a variety of white, black and colorful marble chips and vibrant glass chips from TERRAZZCO. With a variety of color options, landscapers can enhance the beauty of an outdoor patio, walkway or garden.


When comparing marble aggregates to mulch, there are some advantages. For one, when setting marble chips in place, they will almost never need replacing. In addition to lasting longer than mulch, they generally cost less. Plus installation is easy. Once set, it can aid in preventing weeds and erosion.

Architectural Precast

Architectural precast manufacturers needing a variety of colorful aggregates can turn to TERRAZZCO for their supply needs. Architectural precast is a durable material that you will often notice on most commercial building exteriors. TERRAZZCO assists North American precast manufacturers in finding the best value in aggregates when it comes down to strength, color, and size in forming their precast units.

Road Construction and Bridge Designs

TERRAZZCO can supply aggregates to build new roads or maintain existing highways, as well as support bridge designs. Glassphalt is a type of asphalt that comprises crushed glass. Each crushed glass material is entirely recycled from post-industrial and post-consumer products, and results in reduced landfill waste. The use of crushed construction aggregates in the repair or addition of the highway system, it can form high-friction surfaces that perform well in any weather condition.

Aggregate Pathway

Driveways, Trails, and Bike Paths

Marble chips work best when used in paths and patios as a substitute for gravel. To increase the appeal of driveways, we recommend using white marble chips for its natural look and affordability. However, marble chips vary by color so there is always something that meets your design needs.


Crushed aggregates are even recommended for trail surfaces and bike paths. The materials hold up well after heavy use and accommodate hikers, bikers, and runners alike.


Many parks and public spaces develop accessible pathways for people that are becoming well-designed and reduce overall facility maintenance.

Roofing Aggregates

When thinking of aggregates, ground applications may come to mind. But it is also possible to add marble and glass chips as a roofing application. This can be an alternative and cost-effective solution to roofing pavers. Aggregates can be spread across commercial rooftops adding an aesthetically appealing and energy-efficient design.

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Concord Terrazzo Company crushes, processes, and distributes aggregates across the Charlotte, NC area, and nationwide.

We ensure you get the best quality of material delivered to your location on time at a fair price. Review our supply of marble, glass, Mother of Pearl and recycled aggregate options.


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