Terrazzo Design Today Volume 4

Terrazzo Design Today Volume 4

Volume 4 of “Terrazzo Design Today” is here. In this edition, we’ll take a look at how architects and designers are using terrazzo in their projects. Each project uses its own style to create durable, low maintenance, and appealing surface. You can also view our other editions for more inspiration:



Concord Terrazzo Company specializes in epoxy terrazzo; however, there are different terrazzo systems utilized today. It is commonly used as flooring, but designers can also use the building material for wall systems, countertops, and other precast terrazzo products.

S.Jenkins Hospital

Terrazzo Project: MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital

Uplifting or calming works of art can have positive outcomes on a person’s well-being and care. Designed by Perkins & Will, the children’s hospital works to ease the stresses of bringing a child to the hospital by incorporating artwork from local artists. The entrance of the building helps set the mood. Upon entering the hospital, visitors are greeted with terrazzo flooring. Curved divider strips create a creative geometric floor pattern in the lobby, with access to the second floor via precast stairs. TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy and aggregates were used in this project. The project is located in Charleston, South Carolina.  Read the full article from Post and Courier

Terrazzo Project: Dayton Children’s Hospital

You can find some of the most colorful terrazzo designs inside children’s hospitals. Epoxy terrazzo allows architects to design a floor using a wide array of bold colors that welcomes and engages with families. Designed by Cannon Design, the terrazzo floors match with the walls and display around the lobby that creates a functional and flexible space for years to come. This project is located in Dayton, Ohio. Read the full article from Healthcare Design Magazine.

Dayton Children Hospital Lobby
OLOL Children Hospital

Terrazzo Project: Our Lady of the Lakes Children’s Hospital

HKS Architects used the Louisiana natural scenery as inspiration to create an extraordinary environment for children. Terrazzo can design creative floor design using graphics, free-flowing lines, and geometric shapes in vibrant colors. The terrazzo design in the main concourse of the hospital illustrates the Mississippi River with flowing water guiding patients through the building. TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy and aggregates were used in this terrazzo design. This project is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Read the full article from The Advocate

Children's Hospital
Terrazzo Children's Hospital
OLOL Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo Project: Seneca College of Applied Arts & Tech

Terrazzo is an effective means to tell a story. Using a series of large-scale graphics, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology focused on creating a space that recognizes Canada’s indigenous population with a vision of a sustainable future. Perkins & Will designed the building that ties in the local community. The terrazzo design uses multiple colors and motifs to teach visitors the history and culture of the indigenous people. Read the full article from ArchDaily.

Seneca College

Terrazzo Project: Seattle Asian Art Museum

Major upgrades were completed to the walls, floors and ceilings to modernize the space to be structurally sound and meet code requirements. Terrazzo is ideal for museums and art galleries today because it reduces noise volumes as visitors walk the building. Much of the Art Museum renovation is surrounded by daylight which shines directly over the surface. This project is located in Seattle, Washington. Read the full article from ArchDaily.

Building Park Lobby with Black Terrazzo Floors
Seattle Asian Art Museum
Terrazzo Design - Sentry

Terrazzo Project: Sentry Insurance Office

Office buildings are also incorporating terrazzo into their building designs. After a two-year rebrand, Sentry Insurance office has a new look. For this project, Flad Architects designed the building using terrazzo flooring in open areas with an atrium staircase featuring precast terrazzo stair treads leading to the higher levels of the office building. Terrazzo contains zero VOCs and offers a healthier indoor product that increases overall workplace productivity and wellbeing. This project is located in Steven Points, Wisconsin. Read the full article from Healthcare Design Magazine.

Terrazzo Project: Berkeley Way Academic Building

Today you can find terrazzo in many institutional buildings. At the University of California Berkely, WRNS Studio incorporates terrazzo into its cost-effective and high-quality design. The terrazzo floors are located on the ground level connecting to different areas of the building. Terrazzo is an ideal choice for university spaces that provides longterm durability and low maintenance care for decades. This project is located in Berkeley, California. Read the full article from ArchDaily.

Berkley Academic Building - Terrazzo Flooring
Deco Temple

Terrazzo Project: Elixir Bunn Coffee Roasters “Deco Temple”

Azaz Architects helped Elixir Bunn build an atmosphere that complements their famous drinks. Adding a modern edge to the design, the architects decided on using sustainable Italian terrazzo for the floor and deep blue spiral staircase. Project located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Read the full article from ArchDaily.

Terrazzo Project: B-Natural Kitchen

Terrazzo countertops are popping all over the world in restaurants. At B-Natural Kitchen, Designers Atelier Cho Thompson decorated the space using pastel hues. The multi-colored countertop uses large aggregates in bright and bold colors for an eye-catching result. Terrazzo countertops are easy to clean, known for being water and chemical resistant. This project is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Read the full article from Dezeen.

B-Natural Kitchen

Terrazzo Project: Decade Cafe

When the exterior to the interior of Decade Cafe, terrazzo is a visual focus of this space. Lighting is inlaid in a circle of terrazzo to establish the cafe’s entrance sign. The use of materials together creates a warm, private, and amazing atmosphere for coffee lovers. This project is located in Tianjin, China. Read the full article from ArchDaily.

Decade Cafe
Cafe - Terrazzo Flooring
Terrazzo Interiors
La Moitie Restaurant

Terrazzo Project: La Moitie Restaurant

La Moitie, in French means ‘half. In decorating this restaurant, One Fine Day Studio combined pink and black elements to create a sharp contrast between the two spaces: a restaurant and a showroom. Project located in Guangzhou, China. Read the full article from World Architecture.

Terrazzo Project: Cats’ Pink House

In this three-story house, the owner can enjoy some relaxation with her cats. The entire second floor is dedicated to the cats. The entire space is decked out in pink hues. White terrazzo with large flecks of grey and pink form a plinth that serves as the bathroom floor and half-wall separating the bathroom. On another story of the home, the terrazzo pattern is painted on the wall to match the design by the bathroom. Project located in Taiwan. Read the full article from ArchDaily.

Cats Pink House
Pastel Terrazzo Design

Concord Terrazzo Company is the manufacturer of TERRAZZCO Brand Products. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina we are a true single-source supplier in terrazzo. We supply everything you need to complete a project including terrazzo including aggregates, epoxy resins, and precast products.


Our mission to help architects and designers find satisfaction with terrazzo. That is why our research and development team continuously improves our products to find make terrazzo easier to install, deliver faster results, and have a positive impact environmentally.


There is much to like about terrazzo. It is well-known as a durable, low maintenance and aesthetically-appealing flooring system. If you have questions on how TERRAZZCO products can benefit your next project, give our representatives a call today at (704) 921-4928.


TERRAZZCO® brand products: RESPONSIBLE, RESILIENT, REMARKABLE! Thanks for checking out Terrazzo Design Today Volume 4. Check back for Volume 5.