Endless Possibilities with Terrazzo Designs and Logos


With epoxy terrazzo, architects and designers can create a customized floor design that is beautiful and longlasting. TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 can be tinted into virtually any resin color in crafting terrazzo designs and logos.


Epoxy terrazzo is a one-of-a-kind flooring system where the options are truly endless. Some people associate terrazzo with monochromatic designs; however, terrazzo’s design flexibility allows architects to either plan out a seamless one-color epoxy terrazzo floor or create a complex design pattern. Divider strips form the layout of the floor design and are used to separate the colors of the terrazzo floor as needed.


With traditional flooring options, architects and designers are limited to certain colors, sizes, and design capabilities. However, unlimited and intricate design possibilities can be created with TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 58 using a vast spectrum of colors. Colors will not lose brilliance nor fade during the flooring lifecycle.

Color Choices


Today epoxy terrazzo’s design flexibility gives architects and designers the freedom to fully explore aesthetics. An epoxy terrazzo installation can use a single epoxy resin color and even more than 20 epoxy resin colors in some projects. The relationship of many colors can bring a floor to life, helping architecture firms achieve award-winning masterpieces but ultimately have a longlasting impact on how people interact with a space.

Ft. Lauderdale Airport - Terrazzo Design
Colorful Terrazzo Flooring Design

Using Terrazzo Design for Storytelling


One reason why architects specify terrazzo is because it provides them with a medium for storytelling that they wouldn’t be able to find in other flooring systems. Terrazzo can tell the stories of the local community, history, or even fables using all types of imagery, which templates can be cut using a waterjet in the finest details and transported to the project site for easy installation. With epoxy terrazzo lasting the lifetime of any building structure, many people will get to witness the artwork for years. A terrazzo floor easily captures the attention of people as they walk on by compared to traditional flooring materials.


When architects plan out their terrazzo designs, they have options to use recycled and sustainable materials that help minimize the building’s environmental footprint. Epoxy terrazzo contains zero VOCs which promotes healthier indoor facilities. The addition of recycled glass aggregates can add to the overall aesthetics of the terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo Design - Letterings
Ft. Myers Beach Library - Terrazzo Logo

Terrazzo Logos


Terrazzo paves the way for commercial buildings to strengthen their brands by adding terrazzo logos and emblems to the overall design. Common locations that utilize terrazzo logos include schools and universities, government buildings, retail stores, and office headquarters. Adding a terrazzo logo to the lobby or public areas greatly enhances the aesthetic of a terrazzo floor, offering a luxurious and professional space for visitors to engage in.


A designer can submit a drawing of a logo and it can be converted into a waterjet template. This computerized technology helps replicate even the most complex logo designs without losing its symmetry and uniformity.

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