Terrazzo Flooring in New York City

New York City

Terrazzo offers durability, low maintenance and design flexibility for commercial flooring projects in New York City and surrounding cities. When considering options for a flooring system, architects and commercial contractors find great value in investing in terrazzo installations.


When you think of New York City what do you think of? You might think of tall skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, the Yankees, Broadway, or maybe Times Square. NYC is the biggest city in the United States and is best described as the cultural, financial and media capital of the world. As a result, New York City is a popular place for tourist travel. Therefore an epoxy terrazzo flooring system is ideal for NYC for buildings that experience heavy foot traffic daily.


Concord Terrazzo Company is a single-source supplier of terrazzo materials. We supply construction aggregates, epoxy resin, and precast terrazzo products throughout the world, making grounds in the New York City area. Architects from New York City love our terrazzo samples, and we are happy to help them design their next project. Not only does terrazzo has design capabilities unseen in other flooring systems, but it also helps NYC architects meet green building goals.

The Benefits of Using Terrazzo in Green Building Projects in New York City


New York City is home to the first terrazzo installations in the United States. Terrazzo was created in Venice, Italy when mosaic workers were resourceful and found ways to reuse marble remnants to build terraces around their homes. The first terrazzo in the US by built-in 1890 in the Vanderbilt residence on Fifth Avenue in New York. Between 1900 and 1915, more Italian immigrants brought over the trade and can witness their craftmanship today in renowned buildings such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Radio City Music Hall. Epoxy terrazzo is highly favorably by architects and contractors for its durability, low maintenance and design flexibility. Here are key factors when considering specifying terrazzo:


  • Flooring lifespan outlasts the building
  • Increases the value of the property with minimal maintenance and repair
  • Unlimited design possibilities to explore
  • Improves overall indoor air quality with zero chemical emissions


Look around you and you will notice terrazzo all throughout New York. You’ll likely find them in schools, museum, hospitals, airports and transportation centers. Why is terrazzo selected for building projects today? Well, contractors select the building material for its cost-saving opportunities. Terrazzo lasts on average 75 years with minimal repairs and replacements.

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→ TERRAZZCO Brand Products was founded in the early 2000s. Annually TERRAZZCO Brand Products is specified in over 100 commercial projects serving all cities in the United States and the world.


→ Concord Terrazzo Company, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. We provide resources for architects and designers looking to explore more about epoxy terrazzo. Message us with your questions and our team of experts will assist you. Email us at info@terrazzco.com.


→ TERRAZZCO is a single-source terrazzo supplier. Nowhere else will you find a terrazzo contractor that supplies everything from epoxy resins, aggregates, and precast terrazzo. All of our products are environmentally friendly with zero VOC contents. We crushed and processed post-industrial recycled glass and marble aggregates that vary in size and color. In addition to our epoxy resin and aggregates, NYC architects can complement an epoxy terrazzo floor with a number of precast terrazzo applications such as customized staircases, countertops, and tile.

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