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Architects and commercial installers are in Orlando are looking for the best value in terrazzo flooring. Over the course of the past decade, terrazzo is trending as a flooring material. It’s recycled content and zero VOC contents is the perfect match for today’s green construction buildings. Commercial property owners like terrazzo for various reasons including its low maintenance cost, lasting durability, and design flexibility.


Orlando is a major industrial and hi-tech center in the United States. But what it is most known for is being a popular tourist attraction. Referred to as “The Theme Park Capital of the World”, Orlando is home to the most visited theme parks including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Legoland.


At Concord Terrazzo Company, we supply all the materials need for terrazzo flooring projects in Orlando. As a single-source terrazzo manufacturer, we make it easy to install an epoxy terrazzo floor with a wide range of products including epoxy resins, crushed aggregates, and precast terrazzo.  Our products have been featured all throughout Orlando with Disney World and the Orlando International Airport to name a few.

The Benefits of Using Terrazzo in Green Building Projects in Orlando


To best understand terrazzo, let’s take you back to the 15th century when it was created. During the time terrazzo was invented by Venetian mosaic workers. They reused scrap materials for terraces in their living quarters, thus creating a breakthrough for the world’s first green flooring system. Italians have passed down the trade through their family lineage for centuries. Today architects witness the rebirth of terrazzo with many benefits for their flooring designs. Epoxy thinset is the most popular system in terrazzo flooring today with a wide selection of aggregates and colors at 3/8″ thickness. But here are some other key attributes you need to know:


  • Flooring lifespan outlasts the building
  • Increases the value of the property with minimal maintenance and repair
  • Unlimited design possibilities to explore
  • Improves overall indoor air quality with zero chemical emissions

Our Terrazzo Projects in Orlando

Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando

Mango's Tropical Cafe Lobby with Terrazzo Flooring

Owner David Wallack wants people to come fall in love at each time they visit Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando. With love-themed designs and large use of epoxy colors to design the terrazzo floors, this is the place to go to enjoy the Orlando nightlife.

Orlando VA Medical 

Orlando VA Medical Center Terrazzo

Terrazzo can form wayfinding patterns to guide visitors in the right direction of healthcare facilities. Creating relaxing environments, it also supports fast patient recovery and reduced stress.

Disney Springs

Pluto House with Terrazzo Flooring

On average 52 million people visit Disney World a year. Terrazzo is ideal for locations with heavy and constant foot traffic. With terrazzo, the floor is not only easy to maintain daily but also will last for future generations.

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→ TERRAZZCO Brand Products was founded in the early 2000s. Annually TERRAZZCO Brand Products is specified in over 100 commercial projects.


→ Concord Terrazzo Company, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. We provide resources for architects and designers looking to explore more about epoxy terrazzo. Message us with your questions and our team of experts will assist you. Email us at info@terrazzco.com.


→ TERRAZZCO is a true single-source supplier in terrazzo with a wide range of aggregates, precast and epoxy resin products. Nowhere else will you find a terrazzo contractor that has all the necessities to help you complete a successful terrazzo flooring installation in Orlando. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in researching and developing new formulas and techniques to advance the industry. As a result of our research, Concord Terrazzo Company developed Groutless EZPour Epoxy 158, which is designed to cure with few pinholes and has eliminated the need to grout in over 50% of installations. When combined with any post-industrial marble or glass chips, it delivers a high-performance flooring system. In addition to TERRAZZCO aggregates and epoxy resin products, Orlando architects can complement their terrazzo floors with customized precast terrazzo solutions including staircases, wall base, and countertop designs.

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