Terrazzo Mirror Glass

Terrazzo Mirror Glass


Terrazzo mirror, also known as recycled mirror glass is the latest trend in terrazzo. It achieves a shine and adds depth to terrazzo surfaces in well-lit environments that cannot be matched with marble chips.

Aggregate Trends in Epoxy Terrazzo: Mirror Glass

The breakthrough of epoxy terrazzo revolutionized the industry. Epoxy resins contributed to shorter completion times and longer-lasting terrazzo floors. It also supported new color possibilities and aggregate types. Among the types that emerged were glass aggregates. These can be added to any terrazzo floor, stair or precast terrazzo design.

Glass aggregates to this day remain favorable among architects and designers for its impact on design and sustainability. Mirror glass, which is categorized as a glass aggregate, creates a nice reflective appearance when used in terrazzo. If you are looking for an alternative to standard marble chips, give mirror glass a look. It’s a relatively budget-friendly material to add to your terrazzo floors.

Mirror Glass

When designing with epoxy terrazzo, Concord Terrazzo Company offers a couple of mirror glass solutions. These aggregates are locally-sourced and crushed at an in-house manufacturing facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. TERRAZZCO Brand Mirror Glass Options include:

  • Single Side Mirror
  • RCK Mirror
  • Silver Coated Clear Glass

Single-Sided Mirror

The most commonly used among TERRAZZCO mirror glass options is Single-Sided Mirror. Single-Sided Mirror, also known as One Sided Mirror, comes from post-consumer and post-industrial sources. This material typically comes from broken wall mirrors, which is then recycled and repurposed as mirror chips for terrazzo flooring and other decorative applications (more on that later!).

When taking a look at Single-Sided Mirror, you will notice one side of the aggregate is backed with mirror. In the terrazzo industry, single-sided mirror is highly used among contractors. When it is installed with the mirror facing up, the aggregate exudes a reflective quality as you walk across the terrazzo floor. Many people love this feature as it adds unique beauty to the overall floor design. Its pricing is on par with many decorative marble chips.

Single Side Mirror

RCK Mirror

Another recycled mirror option is RCK Mirror. This aggregate produces a similar terrazzo design to Single-Sided Mirror. RCK Mirror is a locally-sourced material that comes from discarded decorative mirror products. It is an exclusive mirror chip from TERRAZZCO Brand Products, and has a higher cost than Single-Sided Mirror.

RCK Mirror

Silver Coated Clear Glass

Silver Coated Clear Glass, also known as All Sided Mirror, is a mirror aggregate that reflects on all sides. It’s among the shiniest aggregates you can find from a terrazzo supplier. Because the aggregate is coated with mirror all over, it will add great depth to your terrazzo floor. But keep in mind, that Silver Coated Clear is a premium aggregate with higher costs than most marble and glass chips.

Silver Coated Clear Glass

Applications for Mirror Glass

  • Epoxy terrazzo floors
  • Epoxy terrazzo stair treads
  • Epoxy terrazzo countertops
  • Decorative Precast
  • Architectural Precast
  • Landscaping
  • Concrete and other construction applications
Post Industrial Mirror Glass
Glass Aggregate

Recycling Mirror Glass

Terrazzo consists of two main components: the aggregates its matrix. Concord Terrazzo Company supplies contractors with bagged aggregates for their flooring projects. For mirror glass, Concord Terrazzo Company sources materials locally from waste facilities to recycle, crush and repurpose the mirror glass as aggregate for future use.

Discarded mirror glass is processed through Concord Terrazzo’s in-house crusher, which is screened into several size options. Once the aggregate is processed, it is packaged into 50-pound bags, and set on top pallets. Concord Terrazzo Company provides convenience for flooring contractors with different size and shipping options, and even the option to blend other aggregates with mirror glass.

Mirror glass is available in the following size options:

  • #00
  • #0 
  • #1 
  • #2 
  • #3-5