Terrazzo: Planning Your Office Design

Planning Your Office Design with Terrazzo

The office landscape is changing. When designing an office space, there’s more focus today on promoting employee engagement and sharing of new ideas. Using the right building materials can transform an office into a place full of creativity and ambition. Among the building materials used in office designs today is terrazzo. Many people find value in terrazzo for its durability, design aesthetics, and sustainability. In selecting a floor for your office design, terrazzo can help build a strong foundation that attracts and retains employees and builds a culture from within.

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Build an Office Space to Last for Years

Business headquarters and many offices worldwide welcome clients and visitors yearly with lobby areas, restrooms, and hallways, in particular, experiencing high levels of traffic. Terrazzo’s durability and strength are ideal for high traffic areas. In fact, terrazzo often lasts longer than the buildings themselves. This makes terrazzo an excellent choice for offices designs experiencing rapid growth as a business.

Other traditional flooring materials like carpet, vinyl and hardwood floors are other options for office designs, however, terrazzo’s functionality and performance is unmatched. Other flooring systems require frequent replacements; however, by installing terrazzo, business owners can save on overall maintenance costs throughout the floor’s lifecycle.


How Much Does it Cost to Add Terrazzo For Your Office Design

Epoxy terrazzo is worth the investment to design an office space that brings coworkers together, making them happy, loyal and productive employees for the company.

One of the drawbacks of epoxy terrazzo is the initial cost of the building material. Some businesses select other flooring materials based on initial costs not knowing of the lifetime value terrazzo offers. Less expensive flooring options like carpet and vinyl may actually cost your company more over the years. These flooring systems are more likely to experience damages or become outdated, thus needing repairs and replacement.

Epoxy terrazzo is the most cost-effective flooring system available today. What’s even great about terrazzo is that the floor offers full design customization. Business owners can design an office space that best represents their brand image while continuing to impress employees decades later.


Make Your Office Space Stand Out

When talking with designers, they are always excited about the different outcomes they can create with terrazzo. Terrazzo definitely allows designers to explore different colors and shapes to find the right style for their projects. With epoxy, terrazzo designers can pick virtually any color for their floor finish.

When businesses are focused on making a first impression and a lasting impression, terrazzo can help achieve a flooring application that truly stands out. Business can customize their flooring with their brand’s color, include exciting imagery, or use terrazzo any way they choose. The results are quite astonishing. No other flooring system has the design capabilities that terrazzo has.

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Employee Health Matters

On average a person spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime. Because employees are spending a great amount of time at work, it is important for businesses to create an office space that makes a worker feel comfortable yet productive.

Selecting building materials that are energy efficient and toxin-free is more important now than ever. Poor selection of building materials and poor office design has negative effects not only on employee productivity but also on employees’ health.

Terrazzo is highly valued for meeting today’s sustainability goals. The epoxy resin components of terrazzo contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Terrazzo is seamless and does not support the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. All these characteristics of terrazzo help to improve the overall indoor quality of office designs, thus improving employee health.


Go Green with Terrazzo

Terrazzo is by far one of the best flooring systems to incorporate eco-friendly materials. Aggregates, divider strips, and epoxy resins may contain recycled components, leaving a much-improved impact on the environment. Choosing a terrazzo flooring system helps architects achieved US Green Building Council credits under the LEED Rating System.


Terrazzo is Easy to Care for in Any Office Design Setting.

By treating terrazzo to a daily cleaning routine, business owners can make sure their terrazzo floors look as good as the day it was installed. The cleaning methods are easy to complete. Regular cleaning requires a bucket of warm water, neutral cleaner and damp mop. No wax or harsh cleaners required. Cleaning terrazzo daily allows terrazzo to maintain its aesthetics that will attract visitors each time they visit the office.



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