Terrazzo Patch Work

Terrazzo Repair Creating a Patch to Match

Terrazzo Patch to Match

One of the known features of terrazzo is its durability. But sometimes terrazzo floors may need repairs or replacements. In some cases, terrazzo floors are inadequately maintained, in which stains, poor installation methods, and cracked chips can all lead to terrazzo needing to be replaced.


No worries. The whole floor does not need replacing. One of Concord Terrazzo Company’s services we offer is the ability to create a terrazzo patch matching an existing floor design.

Creating a Mix Design for a Terrazzo Floor Patch

With precise measurements, the construction team cuts out a section of the floor so that a new mixture can be poured into place.


In order to create a matching sample, we monitor the existing floors, noticing which epoxy resin colors and aggregates were used. Next, installers will create a mix to match the existing floor. The mix will consist of a two-part resin system. Part A being a resin and Part B being a curing agent. When Part A combines with Part B, the components react together to harden.

Two Component Epoxy Resin System

Next, installers add aggregates into the mix to provide the necessary density. TERRAZZCO® Brand Products supplies a wide selection of aggregates to choose from. TERRAZZCO® supplies marble, granite, recycled glass and exotic seashells for architects and contracts to use in their floor repair projects. Have a look at the aggregates listing on our products page.


Once the mix has been formed, it can be poured across the floor using a trowel. A trowel is a small handheld tool that will allow installers to apply and spread the batch easily. Next, allow the floor to cure. This can take up to 24 hours.


One thing to note is the even distribution of aggregates across the floor. Creating the right balance of aggregates is important in uniforming the new patch with the existing floor.

Grinding and Polishing Terrazzo

Now it is time to grind and polish the terrazzo floor. The epoxy terrazzo floor will achieve a smooth finish as a result. Usually in this stage, the installer will grout the floor, removing any unwanted residue and fill in any pinholes with small amounts of epoxy.

Terrazzo Grind and Polish

To finish off the process, the installer will go over the floor with a polish and sealer to give the floor its appropriate shine and protection. The sealer is important as it protects the floor from high levels of foot traffic, chemical spills and other harmful adhesives. We recommend the occasional resealing to maintain the floor’s appearance.

Terrazzo Patch to Match

Case Study: Repairing Damaged Terrazzo

A performing arts center required the removal of existing terrazzo floors, and repoured with new epoxy terrazzo. Concord Terrazzo Company assisted in selecting aggregates to match existing approved terrazzo samples for over 5 colors.


Visible cracks had formed in the terrazzo floor. This was caused by high levels of moisture that mitigated to the surface. To prevent cracking in the new terrazzo floors, TERRAZZCO Moisture Mitigation System 950 and Flexible Membrane 528 were applied. The contractor removed the section of the damaged floor, grinded down the concrete panel, and repoured the area using TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 and the matching aggregates. Note: For some repair jobs, not all aggregates can be indentically matched, but terrazzo contractors can find colors that are within tolerance of the original floor. Once the terrazzo was poured in place, it was grinded and polished, matching the other half of the terrazzo design. A repair job is easy to complete and will prolong the terrazzo floor. This saves building owners costs to replace the entire flooring system, and repair a section that will have the floors looking as good as new.

Matching Existing Sample
Terrazzo Repair
Removing Terrazzo
Refinishing Terrazzo
Terrazzo Restoration: Patch Work

Our terrazzo patchwork is just one of the services that Concord Terrazzo Company has to offer in the industry. Using our TERRAZZCO® Brand Products, we also provide other services as well. We are a precast fabricator, epoxy resin manufacturer, and aggregate supplier. Overall, Concord Terrazzo Company can help you find the right materials for your next project.