Terrazzo Precast Applications

TERRAZZCO terrazzo precast applications

Precast Terrazzo Applications

Concord Terrazzo Company has an established precast division, with precast terrazzo products made with TERRAZZCO® Brand epoxy and aggregates. Recently we launched a precast section to our website. The purpose of this blog is to discuss the many options of precast terrazzo products we have to offer and how they can help designers and architects for their next commercial projects.

Precast Terrazzo Countertops

Precast Terrazzo Countertops

A terrazzo countertop is a great addition to any kitchen or restroom for a commercial project. Concord Terrazzo Company provides a high-class and customized hard surface for designers and contractors. Also, designers have the option of choosing any terrazzo mix design to create a countertop that appeals to them. There is a lot of design flexibility that comes with terrazzo, giving it an added value that you will not find anywhere else.


One great feature of precast terrazzo is its cleanliness. For instance, anyone can clean spills instantly with any scrubbing or cleaning products. Today terrazzo countertops are part of the design of your favorite restaurants and retail environments.

Self-Supporting Terrazzo Stair Treads

Self Supporting Terrazzo Stair Treads

The experts at Concord Terrazzo Company can match any terrazzo mix design to create a custom stair tread for all types of commercial construction projects. These stair treads are self-supporting and used in all types of staircase types. The precast stairs can match precisely with straight stairs, half landing stairs, arched stairs, or spiral stairs. Also, each stair tread can vary in thickness and length, giving a designer the flexibility they need to arrange a space. At a designer’s request, we provide shop drawings that illustrate a stair’s layout.


Our self-support flat stair treads are commonly found in universities, primary educational institutions, hospitals, and restaurants. We craft each stair with a 100% solids two-part epoxy as the binder material. In addition to the epoxy, marble, glass, mother of pearl, or granite aggregates are added to the mix depending on a designer’s specifications. The stair treads are durable to withstand the heavy pressure accumulated as patrons move up and down the structure.

Terrazzo Tread and Riser Combo

Precast Terrazzo Stair Tread and Riser Combo

Similar to the flat stair treads is our tread and riser combo. The experts at Concord Precast Terrazzo can create a seamless flow from the staircase to the flooring surface with either a tread or riser combo set or accents poured in place. Abrasive channels are cut into the surface of the treads and filled with TERRAZZCO® Brand Epoxy Resin and silicon carbide to provide an anti-slip tread, allowing for great traction as people go up and down the stairs. In fact, these sets come in different sizes and thicknesses.


These uniform stairs are ideal in hospitals and schools, where staircases can be among the highest traffic areas of the building. These stairs can resist damages from scratching, scuffing, staining, and wearing down, making them a long-lasting product that also minimizes maintenance cost over time. Overall, it’s a good investment.

Precast Terrazzo Wall Bases

Precast Terrazzo Wall Base

Concord Terrazzo Company can fabricate epoxy terrazzo wall bases to match any terrazzo or other terrazzo flooring surfaces. Furthermore, precast terrazzo is easy to install and design, and brings needed features such as durability and sustainability for designers. Wall bases have great flexibility and can be designed for straight or curved walls, providing a clean transition from a terrazzo floor to the walls.

Precast Terrazzo Showers

Terrazzo Shower

Concord Terrazzo Company even manufactures precast terrazzo showers. They have beneficial features that will suit well for commercial projects such as gymnasiums, recreational centers, and spas. No other flooring system can match epoxy terrazzo’s durability and permanence. Also, designers can mix and match epoxy colors or aggregates to come up with a unique shower stall design. The possibilities are endless. In addition, there is no need to worry about water damage neither. Terrazzo can ward off any water or moisture from expanding the material.


Click here to read more about our extensive line of precast terrazzo products. Concord Terrazzo Company supplies aggregates, manufactures precast terrazzo products, and produces epoxy resins as well. For more information about our products? Contact a Concord Terrazzo Company representative today at info@terrazzco.com or complete our online form.


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