Terrazzo Tables


Terrazzo tabletops are the perfect addition to any commercial, hospitality, or restaurant space! Concord Terrazzo’s tabletops are not only durable and longlasting but are fully customizable.

Custom Terrazzo Tabletops
Terrazzo Tabletops

Why TERRAZZCO Tabletops?


Each table is handcrafted using quality materials from TERRAZZCO Brand Product. With a wide range of color and material options, terrazzo allows designers to customize a tabletop in any style.


Terrazzo is incredibly strong and resistant to scratches and stains. Terrazzo tabletops require minimal maintenance and will last for years to come.


Please keep in mind that epoxy terrazzo is ideal for indoor application, and not recommended for outdoor use due to deterioration caused by UV exposure.

Size Options and Customization


Customize a terrazzo tabletop in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and color options.


Popular terrazzo options include:

  • Round terrazzo tables
  • Rectangular terrazzo tables
  • Square terrazzo tables
  • Oval terrazzo tables
  • Custom shapes


*Send shop drawings to a Concord Terrazzo Company Representative to review.

Epoxy Terrazzo Tabletops

Thickness 2cm or 3cm; Custom thickness available
Shapes Circles, Rectangles, Squares, and other geometric shapes
Size Dimensions Max diameter (circle): 32"; Max dimensions (rectangle): "96"Lx32"W
Colors Any Color
Compressive Strength 10,000 PSI
Flexural Strength 4,500 PSI

Custom Graphics

Terrazzo tabletops can even include options for artwork designs.

Custom Terrazzo Tabletops
Custom Terrazzo Tabletops
Custom Terrazzo Tabletops

Color Options


When designing with TERRAZZCO, epoxy terrazzo provides limitless color options and a combination of aggregates. Browse our collections.


Start your design by selecting samples - free for architects and designers.


Looking for more information on terrazzo? Download the Architectural Binder.


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