Terrazzo Wall Panels


Terrazzo wall panels are an excellent choice to add vertical terrazzo to any space. Wall panels offer a durable and versatile option for a wide range of applications.


Ideal applications for epoxy terrazzo wall panels include:

  • Interior Wall Cladding
  • Benches and Seating Area Panels
  • Ramp Wrappings
  • Fountains
Precast Terrazzo

Wall Panel Applications

Terrazzo Interior Wall Cladding

Interior Wall Cladding

Concord Terrazzo Company manufactures customizable wall panels for interior spaces. They are often the focal point of any space and are often seen in the interior of retail stores and business offices.

Terrazzo Wall Panels - Bench Seating Area

Bench and Seating Area Panels

Terrazzo wall panels can be applied to seating areas and benches, providing a stylish and practical addition to indoor spaces.

Terrazzo Wall Panel - Ramp Facings

Ramp Facings

Terrazzo is designed to fit any dimension, making them excellent use for wrappings around ramps. These are popular in educational, healthcare, and municipal buildings.

Terrazzo Wall Panel - Fountain

Indoor Fountains

An indoor fountain can enhance the ambiance of any space. Epoxy terrazzo wall panels can be incorporated to create custom fountain designs.

Why TERRAZZCO Wall Panels?


Architects and designers can match a terrazzo floor with wall panels to create a seamless flow for projects. Vertical terrazzo applications are on the rise with many applications for designers to explore. Why choose TERRAZZCO?


  • Versatility – All precast terrazzo products are custom-made. Panels come in a variety of different design options, allowing designers to create a unique appearance for any indoor space.
  • Durability – TERRAZZCO Brand Products offer high performance in commercial settings. Terrazzo is a durable material that can withstand daily wear and tear. Precast terrazzo is cost-effective over the years.
  • Low maintenance – Terrazzo is easy to clean and maintain. The finish will look aesthetically appealing for decades.
  • Sustainability – TERRAZZCO Brand Products are made with zero VOC resins and recycled materials, providing an eco-friendly choice for indoor spaces.
  • Flexibility – Epoxy terrazzo can be used throughout the building with a variety of applications to consider.


Please keep in mind that epoxy terrazzo is ideal for indoor application, and not recommended for outdoor use due to deterioration caused by UV exposure.

Precast Terrazzo Wall Panels
Wall Panels

Size Options and Customization


Precast terrazzo panels are customizable.


*Send shop drawings to a Concord Terrazzo Company Representative to review.

Thickness 3/8" Veneer (1cm); Custom Thicknesses Available
Maximum Unit Size 96"L x 32"W
Colors Any Color
Compressive Strength 10,000 PSI
Flexural Strength 4,500 PSI

Color Options


When designing with TERRAZZCO, epoxy terrazzo provides limitless color options and a combination of aggregates. Browse our collections.


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