The Art of Terrazzo

The Art of Terrazzo

The Art of Terrazzo

When planning a new construction or remodeling project, often flooring is selected to match a combination of styles or materials. But what if the flooring was the focal point of your project? With epoxy terrazzo, it is possible to achieve any flooring design imaginable. Terrazzo floors come in many styles from simple floor plans to even the most creative floors you ever will lay eyes on. We’ll discuss the art of terrazzo, and how you can design any floor you like with this building material. We’ll also present the design services we offer here at Concord Terrazzo Company.

Terrazzo Art Made to Last

Terrazzo is a great medium for add artwork for your school, hospital, or other commercial projects. While there are flooring options that are indeed beautiful, they lack the customization that terrazzo offers. Most installations today are epoxy resin-based, offering greater design flexibility and durability than other commercial floors. Terrazzo is timeless, intended to last an entire building’s lifecycle.

Your Ideas Come to Life


When working with terrazzo, there are plenty of customization options to choose from. If you can think of a design, it can be created on the floor. Today many Arts in Public Place artists are limited only by their imagination. They have the freedom to truly brainstorm one-of-a-kind flooring designs.

This is all made possible with divider strips, which form the layout of the terrazzo floor. Divider strips can be bent to form shapes and other details of the floor design.

Decorative Terrazzo Design

Terrazzo Art Options

Epoxy terrazzo consists of two main design elements: the aggregates and the base color. Aggregates range from marble, granite, shells and pebbles, and can vary in sizes and colors. The epoxy can be formulated to virtually any color as well. This results in endless combinations. Most installations may feature between one to four colors, but it’s possible to have over twenty colors for a given project.

Terrazzo Artwork to Marvel At

There are many different ways to design terrazzo for a building space. Some possible designs include compasses, maps, branded logos, animals, and wayfinding patterns. Hundreds of installations are performed each year by skilled craftsmen. You will be able to see some amazing work done by terrazzo companies across the United States. Terrazzo is worth exploring if you are looking to add a design component to your building space. Here are some of the creative services we offer at Concord Terrazzo Company.

Concord Terrazzo Company – Design Services

Terrazzo Sample

Sample Development

water design NC State - terrazzo logo design

Waterjet Cutting Service

Prefabricated Terrazzo Design

Prefabricated Logo Design

Joan Weissman Terrazzo Artwork

Work with an Artist

Design Consultation & Sample Development

Concord Terrazzo Company representatives are available to discuss your project and help you plan out a custom terrazzo design. We’ll discuss budget-friendly material solutions and offer samples at no cost to the architectural and design community. With TERRAZZCO materials, we can build a custom sample that fits your project’s design needs.

Waterjet Cutting Service

You design it. We cut it. Using our in-house waterjet, we can cut out even the most complex shapes. From logos to detailed patterns, a high-pressure stream of water will precisely cut out your design, which we deliver to the construction site to be installed. Just send our team your design files and we will bring your ideas to life.

Prefabricated Logo Service

Looking to add a branded logo or graphic to your flooring project? Our team can craft a complete terrazzo logo in-house for you. We take care of all the steps for you from surface preparation to polishing and sealing the logo design.

Work with An Artist

Need assistance in designing a terrazzo floor? Our representatives can connect you with an artist with experience designing with terrazzo. Take a step towards creating an award-winning design today.