Where Do Aggregates Come From?

Where do Aggregates Come From

Where Do Aggregates Come From?

Aggregates are granular material used in construction. Aggregates can be categorized to include sand, crushed glass, and marble, recycled, and manufactured aggregates.


If you have seen a terrazzo floor, you may wonder what are the tiny specs found in the design. Well, the answer to that question may vary. That is because terrazzo uses a wide range of aggregates in the mix design. So where exactly do these terrazzo aggregates come from?

Crushed White Marble Chips

Marble Chips

Terrazzo consists of chips of marble, granite, and other decorative stones. Marble chips are the most common aggregate. Many marble chips have a distinct color that works wonderfully with any resin color to create a custom terrazzo design.


Most aggregates are produced from natural sources that are extracted from quarries and gravel pits. These aggregates are often used in new construction buildings or used for renovations and repair jobs.


Travertine, a type of limestone, exists in white, tan, and cream-colored varieties. You can find these aggregates near hot springs or in caves.


Agate and onyx form almost any color as well. You can find these materials in various regions around the world like Brazil, India, Canada, and some states in the US.


Another mineral is serpentine. One can find serpentine near metamorphic environments like volcanoes. There are many colorful aggregates out there in the world for miners to dig up.


In review, many natural stones come from different locations around the world. This includes mountains, volcanoes, riverbeds, and hot springs where calcareous rocks are likely to form. TERRAZZCO professionals extract aggregates from their sites and later crush the stones into standard chip sizes here at our facility.

Recycled Porcelain Chips

Recycled Aggregates

Not every aggregate requires mining. The reuse of materials is one of the terrazzo’s benefits. Think about the next time you drink from a glass bottle. Ever wondered what happens to it after it has been recycled? It could very well end up in a terrazzo countertop or floor. The great thing about recycled glass is that it can come in various colors as well. From clear glass to cobalt blue glass, there are many options to choose from.


However, there are other recycled aggregates besides glass. Designers can also re-use concrete or porcelain. Porcelain originated in China and is used today to make tiles, fine arts, and kitchenware. Recycled concrete comes from demolished or renovated buildings. Instead of piling these materials at landfills, people can reuse materials such as porcelain, glass, and concrete for different applications.

Mother of Pearl Aggregates for Terrazzo Flooring

Exotic Aggregates

One more aggregate we should discuss is shells. A popular choice of aggregate in terrazzo surfaces is Mother of Pearl. You can find Mother of Pearl shells along with freshwater and saltwater coasts all around the world. Over the years, US manufacturers have found incredible value in Mother of Pearl, producing jewelry and household items.

In conclusion, there are many terrazzo aggregates that an architect or designer can include in a terrazzo design. Architects can receive LEED points for using locally sourced materials in their projects. Concord Terrazzo Company supplies aggregates, manufactures precast terrazzo products and produces epoxy resins as well. Like more information about our product line of terrazzo aggregates? Contact Concord Terrazzo Company today at info@terrazzco.com.

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