White Terrazzo

Designing a White Terrazzo Floor

Designing a White Terrazzo Floor

White is a popular color in designing a terrazzo floor. The color white is often used in architectural buildings for many reasons. It signifies purity, calmness, and simplicity. It can even suggest the cleanliness and sterility of the space.


A white terrazzo floor is timeless. Over the years, its beauty will never go out of style. It can match minimalistic color schemes or contrast with darker elements of a building space. In this blog, we will help you identify options when customizing a white terrazzo floor, and suggest things to look out for when specifying an epoxy terrazzo system.

Common Trends When Designing a White Terrazzo Floor

When making samples, we can tell designers prefer a white base for their floors. A pure white terrazzo design is the most common style requested, yet designers do explore other crushed marble and glass options when designing a white terrazzo floor.


We will take a look at some white and off-white marble chips that offer a consistent white terrazzo finish and other options that you may want to consider:

TERRAZZCO White Terrazzo Marble Chips
TERRAZZCO White Marble Chips

Concord Terrazzo Company stocks a wide range of wide marble chips. Our most popular options are Snow White, Northern White, and Georgia White.


As you can see, the white marble chips vary in color and may have veining to them.


Georgia White has been a standard chip within the terrazzo industry for years, as contractors have used it for many of their installations. Now if you are looking to design a pure white floor, then we recommend selecting between Snow White or even a Blanco Mexicano marble chip.

TERRAZZCO White Terrazzo Glass Aggregates
TERRAZZCO White Terrazzo Glass Chips

You can also get a pure white terrazzo floor by selecting glass aggregates. Clear, Plate, and Mirror Glass will blend in nicely with a white epoxy resin and is highly recommended if you are seeking to include recycled materials. Concord Terrazzo Company, Inc. recycles post-consumer and post-industrial glass products from waste facilities and crushes them into different chip sizes for you to use in your terrazzo flooring projects.


If you want a 100% white floor, solid white glass is likely your best option. Clear glass and plate glass are translucent; therefore, will take on the same color as the matrix. Single-Sided Mirror Glass is also a great option that will create a mirror-like shine for your terrazzo floors as you walk on by.

White Epoxy Terrazzo Floor

Let’s talk about the maintenance of a terrazzo floor. When specifying white floors, a primary concern is staining. Stains are more likely to show scuff marks on a white finish than other colors. To achieve a stain-resistant terrazzo floor with TERRAZZCO Brand Products, we recommend using a quality sealer like Betco to apply in multiple coats over the polished finish. This ensures durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain flooring for high traffic areas in commercial buildings.

A designer can use divider strips to create geometric designs for their white terrazzo floors. While aluminum divider strips are commonly used, brass, zinc, and plastic are other materials that can be used. When designing a white terrazzo floor, we caution designers of using brass divider strips as it can sometimes display blue areas around the divider strips. Be sure to ask your representatives about selecting the right materials for your projects.

White Terrazzo Floor

Please enjoy some examples of terrazzo floors featuring TERRAZZCO Brand epoxy resins. For assistance in designing terrazzo, speak with a Concord Terrazzo Company representative at info@terrazzco.com.

White Terrazzo Flooring
Jerry Falwell Library White Terrazzo Floor
White Epoxy Terrazzo Floor
TERRAZZCO White Terrazzo Floor

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