Aggregates at Great Value

Concord Terrazzo Company, Inc. is among the leading wholesale aggregate suppliers in the United States crushing and packaging any size and color of aggregates in large quantities. If you are looking for over 1 ton of aggregates for your project, we can deliver.


When you purchase marble, glass, and recycled aggregates in bulk, Concord Terrazzo Company, Inc. guarantees a high-quality material while saving you time and money in the process.



Looking for aggregate suppliers that can produce bulk quantities of aggregates? Concord Terrazzo Company has the capability to crush 30 tons of aggregates daily. We can crush and package aggregates in any size grade. Here are a list of services we provide: 


    • Aggregate Production
    • Quality Control
    • Custom Crushing
    • Large Quantity Packaging
    • Material Shipping

As an aggregate supplier, here are the aggregates we produce the most:

Georgia White Marble Chip

Georgia White

Snow White Marble Chip

Snow White

Northern White Marble Chip

Northern White

Frozen Blue Marble Chip

Frozen Blue

Blue Grey Marble Chip

Blue Gray

Glacier Black Marble Chip

Glacier Black

Light Mahogany Marble Chip

Light Mahogany

Driftwood Marble Chip


Verde Alto Marble Chip

Verde Alto

Golden Brown Pebbles

Golden Brown Pebbles

Chocolate Brown Pebbles

Chocolate Brown Pebbles

Recycled Plate Glass

Plate Glass

Single Sided Mirror Glass

One-Sided Mirror

Plate Mirror Glass

RCK Mirror

Size Options 

Chip Size Passes Screen Retained on Screen
#000 1/32 inch 1/64 inch
#00 1/16 inch 1/32 inch
#0 1/8 inch 1/16 inch
#1 1/4 inch 1/8 inch
#2 3/8 inch 1/4 inch
#3 1/2 inch 3/8 inch
#4 5/8 inch 1/2 inch
#5 3/4 inch 5/8 inch

Note: Contact a representative for availability and lead times for the following sizes: #000, #00, #3-5

Who We Help


Crushed aggregates can be applicable in many industries. Here are some of the types of professionals we sell wholesale aggregates to:

Building Contractors

We can supply high-quality raw materials to help construction professionals build future roads and buildings. Our representatives provide contractors with a fair price, consistent product, and on-time delivery.

Landscaping Contractors

Landscape contractors can use our white marble, glass and pebble rocks to decorate their projects. These aggregates provide an alternative to raw materials that often decay or need replacing.

Flooring Contractors

While we specialize in terrazzo flooring, we also provide aggregates to polished concrete and specialty flooring contractors. Our aggregates are exclusive to our brand, offering great design options at the best value.

Artists and Designers

Artists and Designers can find a long-term partner with us. Instead of buying glass chips and colorful stones at retail shops, buying aggregates in bulk with us can save you time and money for many years.

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About Us


Concord Terrazzo Company crushes, processes, and distributes aggregates across the Charlotte, NC area, and nationwide.


We ensure you get the best quality of material delivered to your location on time at a fair price. Our experts are available to answer your questions and provide recommendations so that you can make an informed decision for your projects.