Chocolate Brown Pebbles Terrazzo Aggregate Sample


Chocolate Brown Pebbles


You can find extraordinary aggregates down by a riverbed. For example, TERRAZZCO® supplies Chocolate Brown Pebbles for terrazzo applications. This pebble rock has a dark brown tone.


Aggregate chips come in a variety of different hardness, sizes and colors, all in which cna be ground and polished for any terrazzo surface. Size #0, #1 and #2 chips are referred to as standard chips whereas #3 through #8 are referred to as venetian.


In fact, many of TERRAZZCO® Brand aggregates can be considered for LEED credits. These points can be attributed by using regionally-sourced materials within 500 miles of a manufacturer’s site or by using recycled content.


For more information on our terrazzo aggregate supply, contact a Concord Terrazzo representative at or (704) 921-4928.


Sample Request:

Concord Terrazzo Company provides samples to the architectural and design community at no cost, with a delivery time of two weeks or less. Please allow an extended lead time for Venetian terrazzo samples and for some custom terrazzo designs. If you would like to request a sample of TERRAZZCO’s Chocolate Brown Pebbles, please fill out our online form: Request a Terrazzo Sample.



Informational Guides:

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Chip Sizes:

<p><center>Aggregate Size #1</center>

Aggregate Size #1

<p><center>Aggregate Size #2</center>

Aggregate Size #2

<p><center>Aggregate Size #3</center>

Aggregate Size #3



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