A Flooring Solution For a Better Tomorrow


Concord Terrazzo Company’s dedication to manufacturing innovative and sustainable products has led to TERRAZZCO’s latest product line: Green Terrazzo System


Green Terrazzo is an epoxy terrazzo system made from renewable ingredients that are not Red Listed. This terrazzo product is designed to support modern sustainable building practices that promote human health and protect the environment. Green Terrazzo focuses on its impact on future generations while combining the durability, low maintenance, and design flexibility that makes terrazzo an attractive feature in commercial and institutional building spaces.

Green Terrazzo Flooring
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Green Initiative


Terrazzo floors have evolved over time, introducing new systems and materials for architects and designers to consider for their projects. Concord Terrazzo Company continuously acts on its promise to provide innovative high quality and environmentally sensitive products to customers.


This epoxy terrazzo system crafts a high-performance and decorative terrazzo floor, mixed in a binder that contains marble, glass, or other decorative aggregates.

TERRAZZCO Green Terrazzo Product Line

Groutless EZPour Epoxy 158G

A two-part terrazzo product when combined with aggregates yields a durable and decorative terrazzo flooring system.

Floor Aid Flexible Membrane 528G

A two-part terrazzo product applied to concrete to prevent substrate cracks from transferring to the terrazzo floor finish.

Moisture Mitigation System 950G

A moisture mitigation system designed to provide a barrier against moisture transmission from concrete to terrazzo topping.