We are a single-source terrazzo manufacturer located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Concord Terrazzo Company

Welcome to TERRAZZCO


Welcome to TERRAZZCO. This is a place where architects and designers can create poured in place epoxy terrazzo flooring and precast terrazzo products with ease. With all materials supplied through TERRAZZCO, we give architects the control to design a fully customized terrazzo design at the highest quality and on budget. 

Our Story


Concord Terrazzo Company, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is committed to supplying our customers with high quality, industry-leading products, and services that will stand the test of time. We are one of the largest manufacturers in epoxy terrazzo in the United States.


Concord Terrazzo Company manufactures TERRAZZCO® Brand Products, supplying everything from aggregates, pre-cast and epoxy resin systems at competitive pricing, making us a one-stop-shop for architects, interior designers and terrazzo contractors seeking materials for their terrazzo projects.  Led by our team of experts, we collaborate closely with clients to find solutions to their project’s needs. 


Our commitment to our highly-skilled customer base and our ability to seek new innovative solutions has allowed Concord Terrazzo Company to become one of the fastest-growing flooring manufacturers in America. We pride ourselves in delivering a faster, easier, and greener experience to you and our industry.



We’re always looking to improve TERRAZZCO’s products through a customer-centered approach. We explore innovative ways to apply new technologies that meet and exceed customer requirements. The continuous pursuit of higher quality, versatility and customer focus allows TERRAZZCO to not only provide a superior product but a superior experience.



Responsibility starts with a sense of purpose and duty that ensures that not only our environment but our customers benefit from the processes and standards that we follow in our day to day manufacturing and business practices. That is why TERRAZZCO is proud to be a manufacturer of green terrazzo. Everything we do at TERRAZZCO is done green from our in-house recycling facility to our GREENGUARD Gold certified epoxy resin system designed with zero VOCs.



Our commitment and passion for continually improving customer service are exemplified in our quality policy. TERRAZZCO products are contractor developed and field-tested. “We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations while focusing on innovating high quality and environmentally sensitive products.”

Our Services

Precast Terrazzo Manufacturing

Precast Terrazzo Solutions


Concord Terrazzo Company’s state-of-the-art precast terrazzo division fabricates precast terrazzo to create customized solutions from tread and riser stairs, countertops and wall base. Using recycled materials, we design all of our precast terrazzo products in our in-house facility in Charlotte, North Carolina and then transport the materials to the installation site.



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Epoxy Resin Manufacturer

Epoxy Resin Production


Concord Terrazzo Company produces its own line of TERRAZZCO Brand Epoxy that is easy to use and quick to install. TERRAZZCO resin is GREENGUARD Gold Certified with zero VOC contents adding value to any institutional, commercial and industrial construction project.





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Terrazzo Aggregate Supplier

Aggregate Supply


Concord Terrazzo Company has a great stock of aggregates including post-industrial marble, glass, and Mother of Pearl chips. Concord Terrazzo Company houses locally-sourced materials, which are crushed at our factory and packaged in our warehouse. We help architects maximize their LEED points by helping them select the right aggregates.



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Color Matching

Terrazzo Design Service


Terrazzo offers endless design possibilities. At Concord Terrazzo Company, our design professioals assist architects and designers in bringing their visions to life. We provide design consultation, custom mix design development services, budget and technical assistance at no cost to the architectural and design community.




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Waterjet Service

Waterjet Cutting Service


Concord Terrazzo Company can help architects and designers create custom art designs for a terrazzo floor. Using waterjet technology, we create templates for school logos and emblems, large-scale maps, signs, and letterings. Learn more about our waterjet design service.




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TERRAZZCO Filter Press

Innovative Solutions


Concord Terrazzo Company continuously researches and develops innovative and creative solutions for the terrazzo industry. TERRAGLOW and our Filter Press Machine are two of our latest creations.






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Green Product, Green Planet.

As a company, we at Concord Terrazzo Company are about building the values of environmental responsibility into everything we do. From manufacturing terrazzo materials, through installation, and environmentally friendly maintenance, all aspects of our product approach take sustainability into account. And the durability of TERRAZZCO’s products means a longer life cycle before a need to re-install.

Terrazzo Production


Our products use the highest amount of recycled and low VOC materials into their composition as possible. Many of our products feature post-industrial recycled content (metal, glass, and plastic), and all make use of VOC-free epoxies.
TERRAZZCO plant personnel are trained in the use of green techniques throughout all manufacturing and shipping phases, such as filtered and recycled water, materials reuse and waste disposal. 


Terrazzo Installation


In the installation process, our specialists collaborate closely with the customer to accurately gauge material requirements and reduce waste. And the benefits of our green approach don’t end once the installation is complete; the finished surfaces can be easily maintained using environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaners.
Environmentally responsibility is more than a catch-phrase at TERRAZZCO – It is part of our company charter and an ideal we are committed to pursuing into the future.



LEED Certified Advantages with TERRAZZCO Brand Products

We follow LEED guidelines because it helps:


  • Reduce waste sent to landfills
  • Conserve energy and water
  • Create a healthier and safer environment for occupants
  • Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions

Terrazzo U.S Green Building Council Member
Greenguard Gold Certified