Aggregate Blending Service

In addition to supplying quality marble, glass, and shell aggregates, TERRAZZCO offers custom aggregate blending to meet your project specifications. TERRAZZCO will provide consistent and accurate blend ratios from any aggregate combinations, packaged in either 45-pound bag quantities, pallets, or supersacks. Mix aggregates of any type, color, and sizes into one finished product.

We’ll blend what you need:

Aggregate Blending

Mix Any Size

Aggregate Blending

Mix Any Materials

Aggregate Blending Service

Mix Marble Chip Colors

Blended Glass Chips

Mix Glass Chip Colors

Advantages of Aggregate Blending

  • Consistency between batches
  • No mixing on job site
  • Environmental-Friendly – Reduce excess materials needed
  • Many options in aggregate type, size, and colors
  • Deliver any aggregate to us and we’ll mix it
  • Contamination free
  • Available in 45-pound bags, pallets, or super sacks

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Interested in premixed aggregates? Speak with a representative to learn more about the process and your options.