Specializing in poured in place terrazzo floor, Concord Terrazzo Company also manufactures precast terrazzo tiles to complement our seamless floor system in small commercial areas.

We help architects, designers and contractors with their commercial spaces. At this time, we are not accepting residential homeowner requests.

Concord Precast Terrazzo Tiles are an accessory to the TERRAZZCO poured in place epoxy terrazzo system for use in small commercial areas. All custom tiles come in various design and size options.

Concord Precast has the capability to manufacture epoxy terrazzo tile for projects small commercial projects 500 square ft or less. For projects over 1,000 square feet, a Concord Terrazzo Company advisor can recommend a suitable floor finish. Concord Precast Terrazzo Tiles are can be installed in the following spaces:


  • Stair landings
  • Elevator cabs
  • Small entrance lobbies
  • Commercial restrooms


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Terrazzo Tile

Why TERRAZZCO Terrazzo Tiles?

Precast terrazzo achieves many of the aesthetic qualities of our poured in place epoxy terrazzo floors. Terrazzo tiles work as a perfect substitute for traditional terrazzo where there may be substrate concerns. More so, tiles come close to an epoxy terrazzo installation without the cure time and labor. All precast products are fabricated at our in-house precast department crafted and polished by hand with accuracy and quality.


From a construction standpoint, terrazzo tiles can be applied like traditional tiles. It is also 50% lighter than other tiling materials, making it valuable for multi-story installations. In addition to flooring, a custom tile can be used to make astonishing countertops, walls, and other indoor applications. In comparison to ceramic and stone tiles, terrazzo tiles are a more cost-effective and durable floor finish.


Depending on the size of your commercial project, poured in place epoxy terrazzo may be a better fit over terrazzo tile. Seamless epoxy terrazzo lasts longer, offers greater design flexibility, and has lower maintenance costs than terrazzo tiles. For projects over 1,000 square feet, we recommend architects and designers contact a Concord Terrazzo representative to discuss terrazzo solutions.

Terrazzo Tiles: Stair Landings

When designing a terrazzo staircase, stair landings are an important element of the structure. Stair landings can be installed via poured in place method using TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 and aggregates or manufactured in precast terrazzo tiles.


Landings can be cut in various sizes. Ask a Concord Terrazzo representative whether poured in place or tile is right for your terrazzo stair design.

Terrazzo in Elevator Cabs
Terrazzo Elevator Tile

Terrazzo Tiles: Elevator Cabs

Terrazzo is durable, lightweight and low maintenance, making it suitable for elevator cabs. For elevator cabs, terrazzo can be installed via poured in place epoxy terrazzo in any color or design or installed with precast terrazzo tile.


Whether poured in place or tile, terrazzo adds chic to an elevator space, while offering a solution to overall elevator performance and maintenance. Ask a Concord Terrazzo representative for more details about each floor finish.

Terrazzo Tiles: Small Commercial Areas

Terrazzo tiles are suitable for small commercial spaces or low traffic areas. Common places may include a small entrance lobby, a commercial restroom, or a storage space.


If the building space has high levels of traffic or is large in size, it is best to speak with a Concord Terrazzo representative to discuss solutions. A TERRAZZCO poured in place system can cost similar or less than terrazzo tile flooring depending on the size of the project and the materials selected.

Size Options


  • 12″x12″ at 3/8″ thickness


  • 18″x18″ at 3/8″ thickness


  • 24″x24″ at 3/8″ thickness


  • 24″x48″ at 3/8″ thickness


  • Custom Sizes Available Upon Request
Epoxy Terrazzo Tile

Color Options


When designing with TERRAZZCO, epoxy terrazzo provides limitless color options and a combination of aggregates. Browse our collections.

Price Range for Custom Tiles

Standard Series
$24.50 - $28.50 per sq ft
Monochrome Series
$24.50 - $28.50 per sq ft
Semi-Exotic Series
$27.50 - $30 per sq ft
Exotic Series
$29.50 - $36 per sq ft
Custom Designs
$Request a Quote

*These prices are based on our 24″x24″ size. For an accurate quote on other custom sizes, please contact a Concord Terrazzo representative*

Bond Bushwick Wall Tiles

*For commercial projects over 1,000 square ft, architects and designers may discuss flooring options with Concord Terrazzo representatives. Thinset epoxy terrazzo may be priced similarly or less than terrazzo tiles per square feet depending on your location. Contact a representative at info@terrazzco.com.*

Lead Times


Due to the customization of epoxy terrazzo tiles, standard lead times are approximately 12-14 weeks. Concord Terrazzo Company does not carry stocked precast tiles. Production of tile begins when designers approve samples and 50% deposit is made. Remaining 50% due prior to shipping of the product. Keep in mind, we primarily work with architects and contractors for their commercial and institutional projects; therefore, we cannot accept any residential homeowner requests at this time.

Terrazzo Tiling

Terrazzo Tile or Poured-In-Place?

Concord Terrazzo Company, Inc specializes in poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo. When specifying terrazzo for commercial and institutional buildings, our advisors believe poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo will bring the best value to your project in terms of durability and design, especially in high traffic spaces.


Learn the differences between epoxy terrazzo tile and poured in place epoxy terrazzo to determine which flooring system is best for your project.

Epoxy Terrazzo Poured in Place or Tile