Terrazzo Stairs: Build a Custom Staircase



Concord Terrazzo Precast collaborates with architects and designers to build the best custom terrazzo stairs possible. Matching any mix design, stair treads are built to fit any stair structure.


Our capabilities include standard stair treads, tread and riser combination sets, self-supporting treads, and treads with perforated risers, all varying in size and thickness.

Terrazzo Stair Products We Manufacture

Terrazzo Self Supporting Stair Treads

Self-Supporting Terrazzo Stairs


Concord Terrazzo has the capabilities of manufacturing stair treads for structural or self-supporting staircases.


Terrazzo Standard Stair Treads

Standard Terrazzo Stair Treads


We manufacture epoxy terrazzo stair treads in many sizes and thicknesses to fit on top of any surface.


Terrazzo Treads and Risers Combination Set

Terrazzo Treads & Risers


Concord Terrazzo Company can produce treads and risers combination sets seamlessly over any floor surface.


Benefits of TERRAZZCO Terrazzo Stairs


Custom built to fit any stair structure


Total quality control from one single-source to match stairs with terrazzo floor and other precast terrazzo designs.


Manufactured in controlled environment with great emphasis on quality and appearance


Shipped to project site for quick and easy installation.


Excellent durability with anti-slip surfaces


Design options are virtually unlimited


Custom fabrications to include special shapes, curved surfaces, or varying sizes and thicknesses



Terrazzo Staircase
Terrazzo Stair Landings

Stair Landings


Stair landings is an integral section of a stair design. An installer has two options: producing stair landings seamlessly with poured in place epoxy terrazzo or via precast methods. Concord Terrazzo Company provides both options, supplying epoxy resin and aggregates for poured in place terrazzo or manufacturing panels or tile. Epoxy terrazzo can be poured directly over the substrate whereas panels or tile will need setting material.  Concord Terrazzo representatives are available to discuss which option works best for your staircase.


Terrazzo Staircase Design


Stair treads utilizing TERRAZZCO Brand materials fit any stair design and meet standards for commercial buildings, schools, airports, shopping malls, sports arenas, and other public buildings. Take a look at our beautifully crafted stair designs.


Custom fabrications with options for unique dimensions, curved corners, and larger thicknesses give you plenty of design options to consider. Contact a Concord Terrazzo representative for more information.




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