Terrazzo Flooring Supplier & Manufacturer
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 Single-Source Terrazzo Supplier

As a single-source company, Concord Terrazzo Company supplies the materials needed for a successful terrazzo installation including TERRAZZCO epoxy resins, aggregates, and precast products – we focus on delivering a quality product that will last for years, is easy to maintain, and can be customized to meet your desired aesthetic.

Terrazzo Aggregates

With over 50 exclusive specialty aggregates, you can find any size, color or shape for your project. Marble, glass, shells, and more.

TERRAZZCO Epoxy Resin Manufacturer

TERRAZZCO Epoxy Resins provide a complete epoxy terrazzo system. Yields a highly durable and decorative finish with low lifecycle costs.

Precast Terrazzo Treads and Risers

Build custom precast products for any commercial or institutional space. Design stairs, wall base, countertops, and more.

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with TERRAZZCO Custom Terrazzo

Concord Terrazzo Company, the manufacturer of TERRAZZCO Brand Products, presents a seamless customization process tailored for visionary architects and designers.


Experience quality control across every stage of your precast or flooring project, ensuring excellence from start to finish.


Find extraordinary design possibilities with waterjet services and custom sample development.


Streamline your material procurement process with ease.

Anything Made Possible with TERRAZZCO

 TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 combined with aggregates creates timeless and durable finishes, ideal for large-scale commercial and institutional environments. Architects and designers can specify TERRAZZCO Brand Products to develop epoxy terrazzo flooring or precast products.

Epoxy Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo is a composite material made up of chips of marble, glass, granite, and shells mixed in either epoxy or cement binder. Today the standard is epoxy terrazzo, which is a seamless poured-in-place flooring system that yields a high-performing and decorative surface. From minimal designs to artistic designs, we can help you explore options and products to get you started on your project.

University of Virginia - Terrazzo Stair

Our company manufactures quality precast solutions utilizing TERRAZZCO products. Manufactured off-site, we provide full customization capabilities to design terrazzo stairs, cove and flat base, countertops, and other architectural finishes. Using TERRAZZCO products, we guarantee uniformity in quality and color between the floor and the corresponding precast finish.


Green Terrazzo System

A Flooring Solution For a Better Tomorrow

Green Terrazzo is a healthier epoxy terrazzo system made from renewable ingredients. The ingredients used in TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZPour Epoxy 158G resins are not Red Listed and contain zero VOCS. This product is ideal for indoor environments seeking health-conscious flooring.

Architect Resources

Concord Terrazzo Company offers resources for the architectural and design community to seamlessly integrate TERRAZZCO Brand Products into their innovative designs.

Terrazzo Samples

Explore our terrazzo samples online and elevate your architectural visions.

Lunch and Learn

Participate in our Lunch and Learn sessions for insight into terrazzo applications.

Design with confidence with technical insights, guides, and project inspirations.

Technical Data Sheets

Access product knowledge with Technical Data Sheets and Specification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do we specialize in?

We specialize in epoxy terrazzo materials.


As a leading single-source terrazzo manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products to bring your projects to life. Our offerings include:


  • Epoxy Resins
  • Aggregates
  • Precast Terrazzo
    • Stair Treads
    • Wall Base
    • Wall Panels
    • Countertops
    • Tabletops
  • Waterjet Design Templates

What are the benefits of a single-source terrazzo supplier?

Our single-source supplier approach offers numerous benefits, ensuring good project economics and a seamless experience for our customers. By providing all materials from one location, you can enjoy the following advantages:


  1. Good Project Economics: By providing all materials from one location, we help maintain efficient project economics. You won’t have to spend time and resources sourcing materials from multiple suppliers, which can lead to cost overruns and delays. Our streamlined approach ensures that you have a single point of contact for all your terrazzo needs, saving you valuable time and money.
  2. Total Quality Control: As the sole supplier of both materials for terrazzo floors and the manufacturing of precast terrazzo products, we can exercise complete control over the quality of our offerings. Our rigorous quality control processes ensure that every product meets the highest standards, giving you confidence in the durability, aesthetics, and performance of our solutions.
  3. Cost Control: With our single-source supply approach, you can benefit from cost control advantages. We optimize our supply chain and production processes to eliminate unnecessary overheads and inefficiencies. This allows us to offer competitive pricing while maintaining the superior quality of our products.
  4. Value Adds:  In addition to supplying materials, we offer value-added services such as design consultations, technical support, and customization options. We strive to enhance the overall value you receive, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.
  5. Easy Product Sourcing and Surety: Being the only supplier offering both materials for epoxy terrazzo flooring and precast terrazzo products, we simplify the sourcing process for you. With us as your single point of contact, you can have peace of mind knowing that all your material needs will be met efficiently and reliably.
  6. Budget-Friendly Solutions:  We understand the importance of meeting budget requirements. Our team works closely with you to identify the most suitable options within your budget, ensuring a successful project outcome while maintaining quality and aesthetics.
  7. Customized Solutions:  Architects can rely on us to bring their ideas to life. We offer personalized and collaborative approaches, tailoring solutions to your design objectives and project specifications. We are committed to turning your vision into reality with precision and creativity.


We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and delivering superior terrazzo solutions. As a single-source supplier, we offer a range of benefits that make the entire process easier, more efficient, and cost-effective for you.

Do you offer installation services for terrazzo products?

Concord Terrazzo Company only manufactures and supplies high-quality terrazzo products.


Although we do not provide installation services, we can certainly assist you by recommending experienced installers in your area who can expertly handle the installation process for you.

Where can epoxy terrazzo be used?

Epoxy terrazzo is a fantastic flooring solution for indoor building spaces, including universities, hospitals, and commercial buildings. Its unique blend of durability, versatility, and timeless beauty makes it a long-lasting and low-maintenance option for such locations.



5 Star Review

The logistics alone was a huge advantage for us to have the freedom to not worry about work scope changes. Students at Madison Elementary School will enjoy the epoxy terrazzo floor for many years to come.


David Johnson

Project Manager – Haley Builders

5 Star Review

Excellent products and excellent service.


We’ve been very happy working with the entire team at TERRAZZCO.



Brett Butler

President – ModernCrete Concrete Design 

5 Star Review

This American made, high-quality resin system looks great on the floors and shows pride in what they do. It is important to have all work performed as scheduled and it was accomplished due to all materials coming from one central source.

David Thompson

President – Primus Contracting