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Concord Terrazzo Company, the manufacturer of TERRAZZCO Brand Products, supplies terrazzo for the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. Specializing in epoxy terrazzo flooring, we help architects and contractors plan and build custom terrazzo flooring and precast products all from one location.

Campbell University - Terrazzo Floors


As a single-source company, we supply everything needed for a successful terrazzo installation including TERRAZZCO epoxy resins, aggregates, and precast products – we offer design flexibility to help you build an extraordinary finish with materials delivered on time and within your budget.

Black Terrazzo Resin

A faster, easier, and greener epoxy resin system. Formulated to design durable, beautiful, and low maintenance surface solutions.

Terrazzo Aggregates

Selection of marble, glass, shell and pebble chips, crushed in-house in any size, and maximizes LEED points for any terrazzo finish.

Precast Terrazzo

Built-to-fit custom products ranging from stairs, countertops, wall base, wall panels and more, transported for a quick and easy installation.


Select samples from our online collection or build your own design. We collaborate with architects and designers in helping them design a custom design in any color and choice of aggregates. Free to the Architectural and Design Community.

Terrazzo Sample 1649
Terrazzo Sample 1952
Terrazzo Sample 805
Terrazzo Sample - Venetian

Find the Resources You Need to Start Working with Epoxy Terrazzo



Discover the design and performance of epoxy terrazzo. Review our Architectural Binder, Product Data, and more to help you determine how our materials fits into your project goals.



Find all the materials you need to successfully install an epoxy terrazzo floor. Find installation guides, review products, and request pricing from our sales department.

Facility Manager


Find resources to help your facility operate and maintain a terrazzo floor. Review lifecycle costs, and maintenance guides to understand how epoxy terrazzo is a cost-effective flooring solution.

How Can We Help?

TERRAZZCO representatives are available to discuss solutions for your building project. Using TERRAZZCO wide range of materials, you can create a seamless floor, staircase, and countertops. Explore the products we can help you design.

Epoxy Terrazzo Floors

Epoxy terrazzo floors are ideal for high-traffic areas in schools, hospitals, government centers, airports and other commercial locations. This seamless flooring system yields a high-performing and decorative surface. From minimal designs to artistic designs, we can educate you and help you get started on your design.

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring
Terrazzo Stairs

Stair Designs

We are a leading manufacturer of precast terrazzo stairs. Built to fit any stair structure, we manufacture a variety of tread options from self-supporting steps to tread and riser combinations. Durable and beautiful in design, each stair tread is slip-resistant and comes with stair landing options.

Terrazzo Countertops

Here you can also craft countertops selecting any color of TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 resin and choice of marble, glass, or shell chips. Built to last, each countertop is crafted at the highest quality at our precast facility and delivered to your construction site for easy assembly. Custom colors available.

Terrazzo Countertops
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