Create Logos and Artistic Designs for Your Terrazzo Floor


A terrazzo floor is your canvas to create any design imaginably. The TERRAZZCO design team collaborates with architects and designers to bring their visions to life. We offer the following creative services:


  • Customized Logo & Design Templates
  • Pre-Fabricated Terrazzo Logo Service
  • Waterjet Cutting Service
  • Design Consultation with an Artist

Any Design is Possible!


With epoxy terrazzo, the design possibilities are endless. We offer a full range of design options that allow architect and designers to plan a customized epoxy terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo Logo for Public Buildings

Terrazzo Logos


A terrazzo logo often serves as a centerpiece for a well-designed space. School mascots, emblems, branded logos, and city seals can all be cut to any size or shape using our waterjet capabilities.

Terrazzo Design - Letterings

Letters and Signage


With our waterjet capabilities, we have the ability to precisely cut any letters and numbers to create a design to include with the epoxy terrazzo floors.

Artistic Terrazzo Design

Artistic Patterns


We help architects and artists create original designs. Terrazzo inlays and decorative displays are all made possible with epoxy terrazzo. Anything you can imagine, we can create it.

T. Harry Garrett Elementary - Wayfinding Terrazzo Floor

Wayfinding Patterns


Develop wayfinding patterns with terrazzo. Divider strips can be bent to form curved lines that flow seamlessly in any direction. These patterns provide visual cues that navigate people through a building space.

Prefabricated Terrazzo Design

Prefabricated Terrazzo Logo Service


Concord Terrazzo Company assembles a terrazzo logo for you! We complete the steps from surface preparation through sealing of the terrazzo and prepare it to be delivered to your project site. The finished logo comes ready to install, making it easy for flooring contractors to pour terrazzo around the logo or pair it with other flooring systems.




• 8-Feet Maximum

• 6 pounds per square foot

• Ready-to-Install

• Custom designs available

Installing A Terrazzo Design


Installing a terrazzo logo or artistic design is fast and easy. The TERRAZZCO design team manufactures the layout of the design which installers will assemble at the construction site to be poured with terrazzo.

Terrazzo Floor Layout

Floor Layout


The TERRAZZCO design team cuts the parts necessary to build your terrazzo design. We label the waterjet pieces so installers can assemble the logo design or artwork quickly and easily.

Installing a Terrazzo Logo

Pouring Terrazzo


A terrazzo design may require multiple colors. Installers can easily mix epoxy colors and aggregates on site, and pour the batch in the specified area.

Polished Terrazzo Floor

Polished Surface


Installers turn your ideas into reality. Once a terrazzo floor has been polished and sealed, it can be admired by many to see for many generations.

Waterjet Cutting Service


Intricate designs and logos can be created using a waterjet cutting machine. AutoCAD files are uploaded to the waterjet and with a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive, designs are cut precisely. A waterjet is a powerful tool that can cut just about anything including:


• Aluminum and Brass Inlays

• Metal Frameworks

• Terrazzo

Waterjet Graphic Design for Terrazzo Floors

Work with An Artist


The TERRAZZCO design team works with artists in creating custom artwork for Art in Public Place projects. We provide design consultation, CAD, and fabrication assistance to any art project or installation.

Joan Weissman Terrazzo Artwork

Artist Spotlight: Joan Weissman


Joan Weissman designs terrazzo flooring for large public and private spaces. Also widely recognized for her work in porcelain, custom rugs, tapestry, and surface design, her award-winning terrazzo floors can provide a dramatic statement in any architectural setting.


If your project has a public art component, or if you’re planning a terrazzo expanse in an airport, hospital, hotel, mall, casino, or other gathering space, Joan’s aesthetic could enrich your vision with overall design or highlighted insets. See more of her work here, and then contact us to arrange a consultation.

Featured Terrazzo Projects:

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Mangos Tropical Cafe - Terrazzo Logo Design
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the process of requesting a terrazzo logo design?

To get started, we kindly request you send us any floor plans or logo designs you have in mind. This will allow our design team to review your ideas and provide you with the best recommendations and guidance.


We will then follow up and collaborate with you on selecting samples to match your artwork.

Can I create any design with epoxy terrazzo?

Yes. The design possibilities of seamless epoxy terrazzo surpass those of any other flooring material. With an epoxy terrazzo floor, you have the freedom to bring any design you envision to life.

Can I choose the colors and aggregates for my custom terrazzo floor design?

Absolutely! You have full control over the selection of colors and types of aggregates for your custom terrazzo floor design. We offer a wide range of options to suit your preferences and desired aesthetic.

Can I choose the size and scale of the waterjet-cut elements in my terrazzo floor design?

Yes, you can choose the size and scale of the waterjet-cut elements in your terrazzo floor design. Whether you prefer larger, more prominent elements or smaller, delicate details, we can customize the size to match your design vision.

What are the advantages of using waterjet cutting for terrazzo floor design?

Waterjet cutting offers several advantages for terrazzo floor design. It allows for precise and intricate cuts, enables the incorporation of detailed designs and patterns, and ensures a high level of accuracy and consistency.

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