Precast Terrazzo
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Concord Terrazzo Company is the only terrazzo manufacturer to supply both precast terrazzo and epoxy terrazzo materials in the United States. Using TERRAZZCO Brand epoxy and aggregates, designers can build precast terrazzo products for institutional, commercial, and industrial projects. Our shop has the ability to manufacture terrazzo cove wall base, straight wall base, countertops and bar tops, wall panels, column cover, stair treads, stair tread and riser combinations, stair landings and windowsills.



Concord Terrazzo Company has a state-of-the-art custom precast division. When utilizing TERRAZZCO® Brand Epoxy Resin, just about anything is possible in our shop when it comes to terrazzo.  The material comes in all forms. We have the ability to manufacture:

Concord Terrazzo Company also has the ability to manufacture custom precast terrazzo products including stair landings, benches, indoor fountains, column covers, wall panels and tabletops. Contact a Concord Terrazzo Company representative for more details.




Terrazzo Treads Technical Data Sheet: Download PDF

Terrazzo Self-Supporting Treads Technical Data Sheet: Download PDF

Terrazzo Treads and Risers Technical Data Sheet: Download PDF


Straight and Cove Base

Terrazzo Base Technical Data Sheet: Download PDF



Terrazzo Countertops Technical Data Sheet: Download PDF

Precast Terrazzo Stairs


Custom Products



We design solutions for any architectural and design project. When utilizing TERRAZZCO® Brand epoxy resin, just about anything is possible when it comes to terrazzo. Designers can create their own custom precast terrazzo designs with any choice of aggregates in virtually any epoxy color.

Quality Care



Concord Terrazzo Company precise processes and machinery can; cast, cut, and polish timeless terrazzo products. Under a controlled environment, each unit is handled with care from the manufacturing stage all the way through installation. We care about delivering quality products that meet the functionality and design needs of a project.

Sustainable Terrazzo



Concord Precast terrazzo utilizes recycled materials and zero VOC epoxies for an ecological and economical result, minimizing waste in the production stage. All TERRAZZCO products are GREENGUARD And GREENGUARD Gold certified, offering improved air quality for indoor facilities.

Curved Terrazzo Stairs
Straight Terrazzo Stairs



Precast Terrazzo Quality and Control

Precast terrazzo units are manufactured under a controlled environment, thus can help the quality and accuracy of the product. Once each piece of terrazzo is completed, it is packaged securely until it is needed for installation at the job site.


Shorter Completion Time

Precast terrazzo units can allow contractors to have more control over the job site and their schedule. Because stair treads, countertops, and wall base is manufactured offsite, there is less onsite labor needed. The products are delivered to the job site at a high quality and installed fairly quickly, helping contactors meet project deadlines.


Independent of Weather Conditions

Precast is manufactured offsite in a covered environment which means terrazzo precast is not weather dependent like other building products. Terrazzo units are delivered on time and allow for a cleaner and safer working space for contractors.


Durability of Precast Terrazzo

Terrazzo is known for its durability, lasting the lifetime of building structures. While terrazzo is commonly used as a flooring application, the durability is transferred in the making of stair treads, countertops, and wall base. It can go through years of wear and tear and remain resilient.


Custom Precast Terrazzo Fabrication in Virtually Any Color and Size

Terrazzo provides a wide range of design options. It’s one of the only building products where you can create anything you like with excellent durability and quality. And the colors hold well over time. Aggregates are different in types and sizes as well. You can gaze over marble or glass chips and select unique blends for extraordinary results. Furthermore, products can be manufactured in various sizes and dimensions allowing architects to plan a precast element built to fit their indoor space.


Easy Installation

When it comes time for a flooring contractor to install a terrazzo stair, countertop, or wall base, the materials are made beforehand. There is no pouring or curing onsite. Materials are shipped from the manufacturer’s facility to the job site where the installer will place the precast unit in its designated location per design specifications.


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