Aggregate Series


Marble chips are the most common aggregates used in terrazzo. The TERRAZZCO Aggregate Series features terrazzo designs with the most popular and exclusive aggregates crushed at Concord Terrazzo.


Application & Cost

The Aggregate Series is applicable for 3/8″ poured-in-place terrazzo flooring or precast terrazzo applications. As a single-source terrazzo supplier, these aggregates are crushed and processed by Concord Terrazzo Company, offering the lowest aggregate cost available in the industry.

Sample Details & Ordering

Terrazzo samples are made in 6″x6″ size format and 3/8″ thick, the standard thickness for poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo systems. Samples are free to the architectural and design community. Lead times for sample requests take approximately two weeks. Custom sample development is available upon request. Click Here to Order.

Design Your Custom Terrazzo Sample


In addition to the terrazzo samples we offer online, the TERRAZZCO design team collaborates with architects, designers, and terrazzo installers in creating unique color combinations for their terrazzo flooring projects. Samples are created using TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 in any epoxy matrix color with a choice of aggregates. Hard samples are 6″x6″ and polished and sealed to meet your design requirements.


Looking for a custom terrazzo design? Select a color and aggregate options and our team can work to bring your ideas to life!

TERRAZZCO Terrazzo Samples

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