Commercial Terrazzo Countertops


Concord Terrazzo countertops are a great way to provide a unique and customized hard surface finish option to your commercial construction project. These designs are built to fit in any indoor space.


Ideal applications for epoxy terrazzo countertops include:

  • Reception desks
  • Commercial restroom sinks
  • Commercial kitchen sinks
  • Bartops
Terrazzo Countertops

Why TERRAZZCO Countertops?


Terrazzo countertops are not much different than terrazzo floors in how they are made. In fact, terrazzo is built to last for any indoor commercial space.


Designers have the option of choosing any terrazzo mix design by selecting any matrix color and picking a chip formula from our wide array of terrazzo aggregates. Epoxy terrazzo is the only building material that allows this level of design flexibility.


Please keep in mind that epoxy terrazzo is ideal for indoor application, and not recommended for outdoor use due to deterioration caused by UV exposure.

TERRAZZCO Terrazzo Sinktops

Size Options and Customization


All terrazzo countertops are custom-built to fit.


Contractors can order a complete countertop, customized to a desired aesthetic. Each product comes with a polished finish with minimal waste during production.


*Send shop drawings to Concord Terrazzo Company to review.

Desk Countertop Custom Terrazzo

Epoxy Terrazzo Customization

Size and Thickness Options
Thickness 2cm or 3cm; Custom thickness available
Maximum Unit Size 96"L x 32"W
Colors Any epoxy color using TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158
Available in Slabs Not available in slabs
Compressive Strength 10,000 PSI
Flexural Strength 4,500 PSI

Benefits of Installing Terrazzo Countertops


Epoxy terrazzo surfaces are quite durable.  Almost indestructible, the material does not chip away like other countertop materials over its lifespan.


Green Option

Recycled glass countertops are the most common designs seen today, making them an eco-friendly product for any institutional, commercial, or industrial space. More so, Concord Terrazzo Company uses the most sustainable materials possible in our countertop designs, including our line of TERRAZZCO Brand recycled aggregates and EZPour Epoxy 158 containing zero VOCs and rapidly renewable components.

Scratch Resistant

A proper sealer will protect a terrazzo countertop from any scratch.


Stain Resistant

A proper sealer will protect a terrazzo countertop from spill absorption and stains. It is best to care for your countertop and wipe away spills immediately.


Easy to Clean

Terrazzo countertops are easy to clean, with only a soft cloth and neutral cleaner needed. Refrain from using acidic cleaners and soaps. Cleaning the surface regularly will prolong its appearance and longevity.

Color Options


When designing with TERRAZZCO, epoxy terrazzo provides limitless color options and a combination of aggregates. Browse our collections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can terrazzo countertops be customized?

Absolutely! Terrazzo countertops can be fully customized to suit specific design preferences. Customers have the freedom to choose from a wide range of aggregates and colors, allowing them to create a truly unique piece that complements their space perfectly.


Additionally, we offer custom thicknesses and shapes to meet individual project requirements.  For countertops, custom thicknesses are available, while the standard thickness options are 2cm or 3cm, with a maximum size of 32″x96″.

Can epoxy terrazzo countertops be used in outdoor applications?

Epoxy Terrazzo countertops are primarily intended for indoor use, where they can showcase their beauty and functionality. We do not recommend using epoxy terrazzo countertops for direct outdoor exposure, as they may deteriorate over time due to the effects of UV rays.

Are terrazzo countertops resistant to stains?

Yes! Epoxy terrazzo countertops are highly resistant to stains. The non-porous surface of terrazzo makes it challenging for liquids or substances to penetrate, ensuring a durable and low-maintenance solution. With minimal effort, spills and stains can be easily wiped away.


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