Terrazzo Samples by TERRAZZCO

Browse through our terrazzo collection or build your own custom mix design. Epoxy terrazzo samples are free to the architectural and design community.


  • 6″x6″ Samples
  • Custom Designs Made To Order
  • Ability to Custom Match Existing Floors

Browse Our Terrazzo Samples Collection:

Standard Terrazzo Collection



Featuring post-industrial marble aggregates in several epoxy resin colors.

Semi-Exotic Terrazzo Collection



Post-industrial marble and shell chips mixed with recycled glass aggregates.

Exotic Terrazzo Collection



Featuring post-industrial glass and shell aggregates in various colors.

Monochrome Terrazzo Collection



Monochrome terrazzo sample designs with exclusive TERRAZZCO aggregates.

Designer Terrazzo Series



Vibrant terrazzo sample designs with specialty post-industrial aggregates.

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Terrazzo Samples Designed by TERRAZZCO

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  • Standard
  • Semi-Exotic
  • Exotic
  • Designer
  • Monochrome

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