Order your terrazzo samples today and experience the unique beauty of this timeless material.

Requesting samples is a great way to get an idea of the colors and patterns available, and to help you make an informed decision about which terrazzo design will work best for your project. Browse through our terrazzo collection or build your own custom mix design. These epoxy terrazzo samples are free to the architectural and design community.


  • 6″x6″ Samples
  • Custom Designs Made To Order
  • Ability to Custom Match Existing Floors

Browse Our Terrazzo Samples Series:

Standard Terrazzo Collection

Standard Series


Featuring post-industrial marble aggregates in several epoxy resin colors.

Semi-Exotic Terrazzo Collection

Semi-Exotic Series


Post-industrial marble and shell chips mixed with recycled glass aggregates.

TERRAZZCO Classic White Series

Classic White Series


White terrazzo designs that embody the classic terrazzo look.

TERRAZZCO Black Series

Black Series


Collection of black terrazzo designs with exclusive TERRAZZCO aggregates.

Aggregate Series by TERRAZZCO

Aggregate Series


Aggregate Terrazzo Samples with exclusive TERRAZZCO marble chips.

Monochrome Terrazzo Collection

Monochrome Series


Monochrome terrazzo sample designs with exclusive TERRAZZCO aggregates.

Designer Terrazzo Series



Vibrant terrazzo sample designs with specialty aggregates.

LEED Series

LEED Series


Terrazzo designs made with over 70% recycled aggregate content.

TERRAZZCO Shell Series

Shell Series


Terrazzo designs focused with Mother of Pearl aggregate.

TERRAZZCO Pebble Series

Pebble Series


Terrazzo designs featuring use of pebble aggregate.

Venetian Terrazzo Series

Venetian Series


Featuring oversized marble aggregates used in various colors.

TERRAZZCO Micro Series

Micro Series


Features terrazzo designs with use of fine aggregates.

Terrazzo Samples Designed by TERRAZZCO

  • All
  • Classic White
  • Black
  • Aggregate
  • Standard
  • Semi-Exotic
  • Monochrome
  • LEED
  • Designer
  • Shells
  • Pebble
  • Venetian
  • Micro

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request terrazzo samples from your website?

To request terrazzo samples, please fill out our website form: Sample Request


Please provide us with information to better assist you including:

  • About Your Project
  • List Samples Requesting
  • Approx. Sq. Ft of Terrazzo
  • Any Custom Sample Request
  • Place of Delivery

Do you provide samples to architects and designers?

We offer samples of our terrazzo designs, allowing you to assess their quality, color, and texture, and choose the perfect option for your project. These are provided for free to the architectural and design community.

How many terrazzo samples can I request?

We would be delighted to accommodate your sample requests based on your project needs. Due to the high demand and time required to produce samples, we recommend limiting the number of samples requested to 3 designs. If you require more samples for your project, please discuss your project needs with a representative.


Additionally, we also provide a personalized experience where we can design custom samples tailored to your unique project requirements.

Do you offer a full set for each collection of samples?

We have several sample series available on our website. Rather than offering boxed sets for each collection, we allow you to choose individual samples based on your preferences. Simply browse through our sample series, select the ones you’re interested in, and we’ll be glad to send them to you.

How soon can I expect to receive the terrazzo samples?

Once your sample request is submitted, our dedicated customer service team will review it and discuss your project with you. We strive to provide a personalized experience to ensure that the samples we send align with your specific needs. The turnaround time for sample processing can take approximately 1-2 weeks.


However, please keep in mind that this timeline is subject to change based on the number of sample requests we receive at any given time. Rest assured, we understand the importance of timely delivery, and we will work diligently to expedite your request upon your request.

Can I request custom-designed terrazzo samples?

Custom-designed terrazzo samples can be requested for larger projects or unique design needs. Please contact our customer service team directly to discuss your customization requirements.

What is the size of the terrazzo samples?

Our standard terrazzo samples are 6×6 inches in size. However, we can try to accommodate other size options upon request.

Found the perfect terrazzo design?


Get started by submitting a design request.