About the TERRAZZCO® Aggregate Brochure


Inside this brochure is a wide selection of the latest terrazzo aggregates Concord Terrazzo Company currently supplies. As well as the terrazzo sample design to match.


Concord Terrazzo Company supplies decorative aggregates from marble to Mother of Pearl to recycled glass chips for the terrazzo, landscaping, and construction industry. We crush and process these terrazzo aggregates at our factory in Charlotte, North Carolina in 50-pound bags or more, and ship them all over the world. Concord Terrazzo Company is an Associate Member of the NTMA as an aggregate supplier.


For pricing inquires, contact a Concord Terrazzo Company representative.

Additional Brochures to Download

Architectural Binder

Architectural Binder


The Architectural Binder is a comprehensive guide to the terrazzo industry. Ideal for architects and designers learning the building material for the first time, the guide highlights the benefits of terrazzo, the different applications, and systems, and how architects can specify terrazzo for their projects.


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Designing Green with Terrazzo Guide

Sustainable Terrazzo Brochure


“Designing Green with Terrazzo” is a guide on how architects can use epoxy terrazzo to maximize LEED points for their projects and understand the sustainable benefits of terrazzo. The guide also describes how GREENGUARD certified TERRAZZCO products have an impact on designing healthy indoor interiors.


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Concord Terrazzo Company Products and Services

Products and Services Brochure


See why Concord Terrazzo Company is regarded as one of the most innovative and green terrazzo companies in the world. Learn about our unique processes in precast manufacturing, epoxy resin production, and aggregate crushing. Find out what we have to offer to today’s construction projects.


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