A monochrome terrazzo collection matching epoxy color to aggregate color.




The TERRAZZCO Monochrome Series features terrazzo designs that matches our exclusive aggregates with a corresponding epoxy color for a monochrome look. Architects and designers may request samples to evaluate designs for their institutional, commercial and industrial projects at no cost to them. Custom mix designs are also available upon request.

Sample Details


  Samples free to the architectural and design community


  Collection features TERRAZZCO Brand marble aggregate in monochrome colors


  Quick Ship samples readily available. All other samples are custom made to order.


  Ideal for epoxy terrazzo flooring and precast terrazzo applications


  Ideal for schools, hospitals, airports and other commercial projects




  Durable, low maintenance, and ecofriendly


  Custom mix design available upon request

Terrazzo Samples Collection Brochure

Download the TERRAZZCO Samples Brochure


Grab a copy of the TERRAZZCO Samples Brochure featuring all monochrome terrazzo designs with the rest of our samples from our entire design collections. Review samples and place a sample request online.


Standard Architectural Hard Kit Sample - Black Terrazzo #63
View Contents

30% Glacier Black #2

50% Glacier Black #1

20% Glacier Black #0

Standard Architectural Hard Sample - #801 - Snow White Terrazzo
View Contents

30% Snow White #2

50% Snow White #1

20% Snow White #0

Monochrome Series - Hard Sample 1119 Blue Grey
View Contents

30% Blue Gray #2

50% Blue Gray #1

20% Blue Gray #0

Monochrome Series - Hard Sample 1121 Earth Blend
View Contents

30% Earth Blend #2

50% Earth Blend #1

20% Earth Blend #0

Monochrome Series - Hard Sample 1123 Northern White
View Contents

30% Northern White #2

50% Northern White #1

20% Northern White #0

Monochrome Terrazzo - Hard Sample 1127 Light Mahogany
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30% Light Mahogany #2

50% Light Mahogany #1

20% Light Mahogany #0

Monochrome Terrazzo - Hard Sample 1210 Persian Cream
View Contents

30% Persian Cream #2

50% Persian Cream #1

20% Persian Cream #0

Monochrome Series - Hard Sample 1211 Driftwood
View Contents

30% Driftwood #2

50% Driftwood #1

20% Driftwood #0

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* Samples are free for the architectural and design community. 

* Currently, not accepting any residential homeowner requests. 

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