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Architectural Binder


The new TERRAZZCO Architectural Binder has arrived! The TERRAZZCO Architectural Binder provides architects with a guide to the terrazzo industry. The Architectural Binder includes information about TERRAZZCO, color palettes, technical datasheets, and publications on how TERRAZZCO products benefit healthcare, education, and other commercial spaces.


Architectural Binder
Concord Terrazzo Products and Services Brochure

Products & Services


Learn the products and services that Concord Terrazzo has to offer



Designing Green with Terrazzo

Sustainable Terrazzo


Learn how to go green with terrazzo with our sustainability guide.



Care For Terrazzo

Care for Terrazzo


Learn how to properly clean and maintain a terrazzo floor.



Terrazzo Samples Brochure

Terrazzo Samples Brochure


The design possibilities are endless. Explore terrazzo designs.



How to Design Custom Terrazzo Samples

Sample Development Brochure


Learn simple steps in designing a custom terrazzo sample design.



Aggregate Brochure - Concord Terrazzo Company

Aggregate Brochure


View the marble, glass, and shell chips that TERRAZZCO supplies.



Everything You Need to Know About Terrazzo

Everything You Need to Know About Terrazzo


A guide to increase your knowledge about the building material.



Is Epoxy Terrazzo Right for You?

Is Epoxy Terrazzo Right for Your Building Project?


A guide to help you make an informed decision for your upcoming projects.



Choosing TERRAZZCO as Your Terrazzo Supplier

Choosing a Terrazzo Supplier – Partnering with TERRAZZCO


Learn the advantages of partnering with Concord Terrazzo Company.



Publication Articles

White Epoxy Terrazzo Floor

“How to Specify Terrazzo Flooring”



The editors at Architizer spoke with a Concord Terrazzo Company National Sales Manager to talk about what architects need to know when considering or specifying terrazzo floors. Our Sales Manager shared the basic including the difference between cement and epoxy, design elements, and cost and planning.



Read Article: How to Specify Terrazzo Flooring

Trash to Treasure: Turning Recycled Glass Into Terrazzo Finishes

“Trash to Treasure”

Masonry Design Magazine


Concord Terrazzo Company can take post-industrial glass from several sources and can transform them into beautiful terrazzo products such as flooring, stairs, and countertops. Masonry Design Magazine spoke with a representative to understand the manufacturing process and how the reuse of glass can benefit architects and general contractors.


Read Article: Trash to Treasure

NTMA Resources


Besides our own terrazzo brochures and articles, the NTMA is a good source to learn about terrazzo. The National Terrazzo Mosaic Association establishes national standards for all terrazzo floor and wall systems and provides complete specifications, color palettes, and general information to architects.


Please see the available resource provided by the NTMA below:

2021 Terrazzo Systems Reference Guide

Terrazzo Systems


Browse the latest 2021 Terrazzo Systems Reference Guide


Lifecycle of a Lifetime

Lifecycle for a Lifetime


Case Study on the durability of terrazzo floors in 100-year old buildings.



Terrazzo Cost Calculator

Terrazzo Cost Calculator


Compare the cost effectiveness of terrazzo to other flooring systems.



Terrazzo Healthy Flooring For Medical Facilities

Terrazzo: Medical Facilities


NTMA case study on the benefits of terrazzo in medical facilities



The Care of Terrazzo

The Care of Terrazzo


NTMA guide on the proper care and maintenance of terrazzo flooring.


Environmental Impact of Terrazzo

Green Terrazzo


The environmental impact of the use of cement and epoxy terrazzo.


LEED Case Study

LEED Case Study


NTMA case study on the environmental impact of terrazzo.