At Concord Terrazzo Company, we manufacture and supply all the materials for architects and contractors to create custom terrazzo floors and precast terrazzo.


  • Build durable floors with low lifecycle costs
  • Design healthier environments using TERRAZZCO materials
  • Create a lasting legacy with high visual impact


Our representatives help you bring your vision to life, guiding you in designing a floor finish for institutional, commercial, and industrial spaces high in performance, value, and sustainability.



An epoxy terrazzo floor comprises of three main elements: epoxy matrix, aggregates, and divider strips.


TERRAZZCO provides a complete epoxy terrazzo system. Flooring contractors will pour in place the terrazzo and grind it to form a smooth seamless hard surface that will last the lifetime of the building structure.

TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158

EZPour Epoxy 158 is a pigmented, 100% solid (VOC-free), two-component epoxy resin system. When combined with aggregates, it is poured in place to form a durable and decorative terrazzo flooring system. Can be tinted to virtually any matrix color.

TERRAZZCO Aggregates

A terrazzo floor consists of a minimum of 70% chip density. Aggregates vary by type (marble, glass, and shells), size and color. Recycled chips paired with TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 delivers a sustainable flooring solution that contributes to USGBC credits under the LEED Rating System.

Terrazzo Floors



We partner with architecture and design-build firms at all stages of the terrazzo process, sharing knowledge with clients to help them specify the best solutions that meet their budget and project needs.

Custom Thin-set Epoxy Terrazzo

Best Applications For Large Commercial Spaces
Material Lead Time 2-4 Weeks
Longevity 40-100 Years
Color Options Limitless Colors
Finish Polished and Sealed

Epoxy Terrazzo Solutions


Epoxy terrazzo is often specified in projects like airports, schools, and office buildings because of its benefits over other flooring systems. Overall, installing epoxy terrazzo brings longevity, low maintenance, durability, and flexible designs to any indoor space. No other flooring material offers specifiers with the uniqueness and creativity of epoxy terrazzo along with its lasting and low maintenance lifecycle after installation. TERRAZZCO epoxy terrazzo system offers a wide number of solutions for your building projects:

Focus on Design


Epoxy terrazzo is a one-of-a-kind flooring system that offers designers unlimited flexibility to create stunning floor designs. We listen to the designers to understand their vision and support them by recommending material solutions that will help them complete a successful project.

Navicent Health - Terrazzo

Classic Terrazzo


Terrazzo offers perfect combinations to create a classic finish. Designers can select white, gray, black, or any monochromatic colors to create a simple yet beautiful flooring system.


As design complexity can be a factor in the initial cost of terrazzo, we believe the classic look of a seamless epoxy terrazzo floor is the most economical option for commercial buildings. Designers can explore marble, glass, and Mother of Pearl chips to design a stunning floor with the added benefit of durability and sustainability associated with epoxy terrazzo.

Orlando VA Medical Center - Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Geometric Designs


Shapes and curves can create a highly visual design and can form wayfinding patterns that guide people through buildings.


Epoxy terrazzo is unique in that there are no design limitations to what a designer can do. The key element is the divider strips. Divider strips form the layout of the terrazzo design. A divider strip can extend up to 30 feet when installed with an epoxy terrazzo system, and can easily be bent to form many shapes and patterns.

Mango's Nightclub Terrazzo Flooring

Art in Public Places and Logos


Build brands. Tell stories.  Epoxy terrazzo has become a medium of choice for art-in-public-place projects. Architects and artists can create extraordinary masterpieces on the floor in a wide array of colors and images.


Using waterjet technology, Concord Terrazzo precisely cuts custom logos, letterings and graphics to be installed along with an epoxy terrazzo floor. The ability to include customizable artwork can connect people with buildings, creating environments that are welcoming and engaging.

Terrazzo Floor Styles


Epoxy terrazzo is known for its wide range of colors and selection of marble, glass, and shell aggregates. The size of the aggregates can offer unique floor styles as you design a terrazzo floor.

initial image

Micro Terrazzo

initial image

Standard Terrazzo

initial image

Venetian Terrazzo

initial image

Palladiana Terrazzo

Note: Majority of epoxy terrazzo floors are 3/8″ thickness and commonly use standard aggregates sized at 0, 1, and 2.

Note: Venetian and Palladiana are specialty types of terrazzo, requiring more attention and cost. Larger aggregates will increase the thickness of the terrazzo floor.


Concord Terrazzo Company collaborates with architects and interiors designers in developing a terrazzo sample that meets their preferred aesthetic. We offer terrazzo samples at no cost to the architectural and design community.


Designers can browse through several design collections or create a custom sample using unique chip combinations in virtually any epoxy color.



Black Terrazzo Sample with White Marble Chips


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