Terraglow: Glow-in-the-dark Terrazzo

Terraglow is the first glow-in-the-dark epoxy resin system. Created by Concord Terrazzo’s research and development team, this epoxy resin glows in the dark once charged by natural or artificial light. This epoxy terrazzo system provides a decorative and durable surface that enhances safety in low-light settings.


TERRAZZCO® Brand Products develops innovative, high-quality products that stand the test of time. This epoxy resin product boasts the durability of a standard epoxy terrazzo system, but with a lot more flair.  For this reason, architects can use this glowing epoxy terrazzo system for nearly any project. Ideal for commercial and industrial settings such as showrooms, sports facilities, nightclubs, entertainment venues, production areas, and low-light environments.


The terrazzo system is available in a variety of glowing colors. In addition to the epoxy resin color choices, Terraglow can even be manufactured as aggregate. This product is available in four different epoxy glow colors: Blue, Green, Violet, and Aqua.


Terraglow can create some amazing results in the dark. With the lights on, it just looks like a standard piece of terrazzo. However, with the lights off, the epoxy lights up a room creating a luminescent effect.

Design Applications

Architects and designers can custom match this glow-in-the-dark epoxy resin system with a flooring design or wayfinding patterns. Terraglow can also be used in precast terrazzo applications, including multi-color abrasive strips as a safety precaution for terrazzo staircases.

Terraglow After Effect

Flooring and Precast

Terraglow Abrasive Strip After Effect

Abrasive Channels

Terraglow Exit Sign After Effect

Wayfinding Designs

Jack O Lantern Terraglow After Effect


Terraglow Quick Facts



  • Epoxy
  • Aggregates
  • Abrasive Strips



1/4″ or 3/8″ nominal thickness


Color Options:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Violet
  • Aqua


Glow Duration:

30 mins to 1 hour after full charge



  • Safety Features
  • Wayfinding
  • Decorative Displays



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Terraglow Abrasive Strips for Terrazzo Stair Treads

Glow-In-The-Dark Abrasive Strips


In addition to epoxy resin and aggregates, Terraglow can also be manufactured as abrasive strips. Add abrasive strips to any terrazzo stair tread for a unique appearance that offers a safe guide to anyone traveling under low-light conditions.


The abrasive strips are routed out channels that are then filled with Terraglow epoxy resin. The resin is bonded directly to the terrazzo stair tread.  The epoxy can be poured into the channels by itself for a smooth finish or you can incorporate aluminum oxide for abrasive resistance. Terraglow abrasive strips come in multiple colors as well.

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