TERRAZZCO Bonding Agent

TERRAZZCO Bonding Agent 159

A stronger bond between substrate and terrazzo topping


TERRAZZCO® Bonding Agent 159 is a 100% solid (VOC free) epoxy resin system designed to promote adhesion between a concrete slab and the terrazzo mix.

Bonding Agent 159 promotes the longevity of a terrazzo while controlling potential cracking during the flooring life-cycle.

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3-Part Guide Specification for Thin-Set Epoxy Terrazzo #096623 (PDF)
3-Part Guide Specification for Thin-Set Epoxy Terrazzo #096623 (MS Word Doc)
Product Data – Bonding Agent 159
TERRAZZCO Architectural Binder

Typical Uses of Bonding Agent 159

TERRAZZCO® Bonding Agent 159 is ideal for industrial, commercial, retail, healthcare and institutional facilities.


This epoxy resin product creates an effective bond between the concrete slab and the terrazzo topping.

Advantages of Bonding Agent 159

  • VOC free for a healthier environment
  • Penetrates and reinforces concrete
  • Promotes adhesion between concrete and terrazzo flooring
  • Controls potential cracking
  • Packaged and premeasured for easy mixing at worksites
  • Manufactured and supplied from the Southeastern United States

Application & Technical Data

Working Data

Working (Pot) Life: 50 minutes @ 75­°F

Full Set Time: 6-8 hours @ 75°F

Full Cure Time: 7 days @ 75°F

Mix Ratio

TERRAZZCO Bonding Agent 159 are pre-weighted and packaged so one container of Part A resin is mixed with one container of Part B hardener.


A thickness of 6 mils (300-350 sq. ft. per unit). Coverage will vary depending on surface profile and porosity.

Mixing Instructions

1. Premix TERRAZZCO® Bonding Agent 159 resin part A using a low-speed drill and jiffy blade for two to three minutes


2. Add one part TERRAZZCO® Bonding Agent 159 resin part A to one part TERRAZZCO® Bonding Agent 159 hardener part B by volume. Mix using the drill and jiffy blade for two to three minutes


3. Pour the mixed material onto the working area and spread using a roller or squeegee to achieve a thickness of 6 mils (300-350 sq. ft. per unit). All areas should be uniformly coated. Coverage will vary depending on surface profile and porosity.


4. In case of small application areas (50-100 sqft), Bonding Agent can be immediately covered by terrazzo. If bigger areas are covered, priming will be a separate step – in which case fine aggregate broadcasting will be required, after which the Bonding Agent full set time will be 6-8 hours.

Properties Results
Tensile Strength 6,000 psi minimum @ 7 days
Elongation 2-4%
Shear Bond Strength 850 psi
Adhesion to Concrete 300 psi (concrete failure)
Flexural Strength, 7 days: 650 psi
VOC Contents Zero VOCs

 Documentation & Product Details

Epoxy Terrazzo System

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  • MMS 950 is required when relative humidity (RH) within the concrete substrate exceeds 75% when tested with in-situ probes.  MMS 950 should be applied to cracks prior to those cracks being filled with rigid epoxy.


  • Floor Aid Flexible Membrane 528 should be used to treat all cracks, control joints & cold pour joints in the substrate. (Do not fill cracks with Flexible Membrane 528.  Rigid epoxy such as  Groutless EZPour Epoxy 158 or Leveling Fill Epoxy 162 should be used)


  • Leveling Fill Epoxy 162 may be required to fill any cracks, voids and/or if leveling is needed.

Packaging Details


TERRAZZCO® Bonding Agent 159 Part A resin is packaged in 5-gallon pails. Part B hardener is packaged in 5-gallon pails.

Self Life: Epoxy resin system has a 1-year shelf life from the date of manufacture.


Storage Conditions: It is suggested that materials are stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. If this is not possible materials should be allowed to acclimate to controlled environmental conditions of application. Keep resins and hardeners separated from each other until ready for use. Materials should be kept away from sources of ignition. Materials should be stored in their original unopened container.

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