TERRAZZCO Filter Press Machinery

TERRAZZCO Portable Filter Press


Bring the water reclamation process to a new level through intelligent design and creative solutions! The TERRAZZCO® Filter Press is a slurry dewatering machine capable of creating one cubic foot of compressed solids from any slurry source.


The equipment was designed to be a self-contained, fully automated, portable solution to on-site slurry disposal challenges. The machine has a hydraulic opening and closing mechanism, an onboard air compressor, and integrated PLC control for complete filtration automation. Overall, the dewatering equipment is efficient and simple to use.

Features of the Portable Filter Press


  • Highly durable wheels for on-site portability
  • Forklift slots for easy load and unload on construction sites
  • Onboard air compressor and slurry pump for quick plug-in use
  • Fits through standard 32″ door frame
  • Small enough to load in the back of a pickup truck
  • Fully automated PLC with 7″ resistive touch display (glove friendly)
  • Pneumatic cake bumping mechanism for simple plate cleaning
  • Cycle times average from 7-20 minutes depending on slurry quantity
  • Automation for a continuous supply of recycled, clean water
Transported Filter Press

Easy to Transport

TERRAZZCO Filter Press 185-21

 Easy Automated Set-up

Filter Press Compressed Solids

Environmentally-Friendly Results

Filter Press Applications

Take the TERRAZZCO Filter Press on the go. When you need to remove slurry from a construction site, our filter press machinery is easy to use and convenient. Some applications using our machinery include:


  • Concrete grinding and polishing
  • Terrazzo grinding and polishing
  • Stone fabrication shops

Technical Specifications

Filter Plate Frame Size 18.5 inches
Number of Plates 5 Plates
Total Filter Area 32 Sqaure Ft
Total Filter Cake Volume 1 cubic foot
Filter Cake Thickness 1.5 inches
Machine Length 81 inches
Machine Width 31.375 inches
Machine Height 63 inches
Total Weight 1,600 lbs
Max Slurry Feed Pressure 100 psi
Power Input 220 VAC single phase,
30 amp (max draw)
Download the TERRAZZCO Filter Press Informational Guide