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Welcome to TERRAZZCO’s Facilities Resource Center. Whether you are considering terrazzo for your new property, upgrading an existing flooring system, or needing repair, you can find a wealth of information here. Concord Terrazzo representatives are available to assist in answering your questions and help you find the right flooring solution that keeps your operating and maintenance costs low.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is terrazzo flooring used?

Terrazzo is a versatile product. Commonly used as a flooring system, it can also be used as stairs, countertops, wall base, and other custom products.


Today epoxy terrazzo is widely used in commercial buildings. The durability of terrazzo has the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and is an ideal flooring system for office buildings, airports, schools, hospitals, and other commercial properties.

What Products Can I Find at Concord Terrazzo Company?

Concord Terrazzo Company manufactures and supplies terrazzo materials. Epoxy terrazzo is our specialty and has the lowest lifecycle costs of any flooring material on the market.


Concord Terrazzo Company is single-source meaning we provide convenience and flexibility to our customers with TERRAZZCO Brand Products. Here customers can find all the materials they need for a terrazzo installation including epoxy resins, aggregates, and precast terrazzo products, delivered on time and within budget.

Is Terrazzo Expensive?

Terrazzo has a high initial cost; however, when factoring in costs of installation, replacement, and maintenance, epoxy terrazzo actually saves building owners over time due to its durability and resiliency.


Once installed, epoxy terrazzo will last the lifetime of any building structure. It requires minimal repairs and no replacements throughout its lifecycle. It’s highly recommended for buildings with high traffic volumes and properties designed to last 40 years or more.


A Concord Terrazzo Company representative can provide materials costs for your project. For upfront and lifecycle cost estimates, please contact a terrazzo-approved contractor. 

How Long Do Terrazzo Floors Last?

How long do terrazzo floors last?


An epoxy terrazzo floor can last the lifetime of any building structure. Generally, terrazzo floors will last between 40 to 100 years – sometimes even longer than 100 years with the proper care.

Why Should I Choose Seamless Terrazzo Over Terrazzo Tile?

When considering a terrazzo system for a commercial building, it is recommended to select a seamless thin-set epoxy terrazzo floor over terrazzo tile.


Grout joints in tile are commonplace for bacteria and dirt to hide, and can lead to higher maintenance costs than a seamless terrazzo system (epoxy terrazzo does not support the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.)


In addition, epoxy terrazzo has better wear and impact resistance than tile, as tile is more susceptible to brittleness and cracking, thus raising the owner’s cost to repair or replace the tile in the building if damages occur.


The durability, low maintenance, and design flexibility of a seamless epoxy terrazzo system provide the best value for building owners.

Is Terrazzo Easy to Clean?

Terrazzo floors are easy to clean with a few simple steps. A dry mop can remove particles daily. On a weekly basis using clean water or a neutral cleaner, take a damp mop to lightly go over the terrazzo surface.


If stains are present, they can be scrubbed using a mechanical buffing machine and a neutral cleaner.

Are Terrazzo Floors Slippery?

The slipperiness of terrazzo is dependent on the type of sealer used. The natural surface of terrazzo is non-slippery. When installing epoxy terrazzo, it is important to check the manufacturer’s label for more details; details that indicate that a floor is non-slippery when wet.


To get more details about slip-resistant terrazzo floors, owners and facilities managers can speak with a terrazzo-approved contractor.

Should I Wax a Terrazzo Floor?

When maintaining a terrazzo floor, wax should never be used. The use of wax on a terrazzo floor can cause the surface to be slippery and dully affect the sheen of the polished surface.

Can You Use Vinegar on Terrazzo Floor?

No. Vinegar has acidic properties and should not be used when cleaning a terrazzo floor.

Can You Use Bleach on Terrazzo Floor?

No. When cleaning a terrazzo floor, never use bleach, ammonia, or any abrasive cleaners to remove dirt, dust, or debris from the surface.

What Should I Do If I Find Cracks in the Terrazzo Floor?

While it is rare for cracks to form in an epoxy terrazzo floor, they can still occur. But it’s not hard to fix.


Terrazzo can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of installation. In the instances where improper installation or improper care happens, a terrazzo contractor can repair or repolish the surface to its original luster.


A Concord Terrazzo Company representative can discuss repair options for terrazzo with facilities managers. Contact us for more information.

Are Terrazzo Floors Antimicrobial?

A seamless terrazzo floor does not support the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew, making it a sanitary flooring choice for any indoor space.


As a result, this improves the overall cleanliness and indoor air quality of buildings. Ideal for hospitals, office environments, schools, and restaurants.

Can Epoxy Terrazzo Be Used Outdoors?

The TERRAZZCO Epoxy Terrazzo System is not intended to be used outdoors as a flooring, countertop, or wall application. This is due to epoxy being sensitive to ultraviolet and heat. Epoxy terrazzo is recommended for indoor applications only.


If you are seeking to use terrazzo outside, a cement-terrazzo rustic system would be more ideal.

Can Epoxy Terrazzo Be Used over Existing Floors?

TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 can be poured directly over an existing surface such as concrete, plywood, wood, and metal so long as the underlying substrate is strong and structural sound.


This can help save contractors time and costs to demolition the subfloor.


We do not advise using TERRAZZCO Epoxy Resins over soft materials such as carpet, vinyl, or VCT. Contact a terrazzo-approved contractor to learn more about applying epoxy terrazzo over an existing floor.