TERRAZZCO Brand Products: Terrazzo Materials Supplier and Manufacturer


Concord Terrazzo Company manufactures and supplies all the materials to help you build custom terrazzo flooring and precast terrazzo products with extraordinary design, durability, and value, all using TERRAZZCO Brand Products.


As a single-source supplier, Concord Terrazzo Company collaborates with architects and designers in specifying TERRAZZCO Brand epoxy resins, aggregates, and precast terrazzo, effectively helping them find a fully customizable and budget-friendly flooring solution for their commercial, institutional and industrial projects.

Advantages Of Using TERRAZZCO® Brand Products

  • Unlimited design & color options

  • High compressive strength and durability

  • Built-in mold and mildew resistance

  • Low life-cycle cost

  • Resistance to color fading

  • Chemical resistance

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Lighter weight options

  • Class A & B flammability rating

TERRAZZCO Brand epoxy resins create a high-performance and fully customizable epoxy terrazzo flooring system, with a wide selection of aggregate and color choices.


Thinset epoxy terrazzo is known as having the lowest lifecycle cost of any commercial flooring system available.

Epoxy Terrazzo Floors

Essential Products

Terrazzo Epoxy Resin

Product Use: For Poured in Place Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring for any Indoor Commercial, Institutional, or Industrial Space.

TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 Terrazzo Product

Groutless™ EZPour Epoxy 158


Fast. Easy. Green. Our Groutless EZPour Epoxy 158 is a pigmented epoxy resin system designed to cure with fewer pinholes and achieve a highly decorative terrazzo floor.

TERRAZZCO Flexible Membrane 528

Floor Aid Flexible Membrane


A two-component epoxy system designed to assist in the prevention of substrate cracks in an epoxy terrazzo floor.

TERRAZZCO Moisture Mitigation System 950

Moisture Mitigation System


A two-component epoxy resin system providing a barrier against moisture vapor mitigation of concrete.

TERRAZZCO Joint Filler 1200

Flexa-Flex Joint Filler


A two-component flexible epoxy joint filler that absorbs the impact and shock of heavy loads while sealing joints encountered in terrazzo flooring.

TERRAZZCO Bonding Agent 159

Bonding Agent


TERRAZZCO Bonding Agent is designed to promote adhesion between concrete and cement-based terrazzo flooring.

TERRAZZCO Leveling Fill Epoxy 162

Leveling Fill Epoxy


TERRAZZCO Leveling Fill Epoxy is a two-component epoxy resin system applied by trowel to the desired thickness.

Green Terrazzo Flooring

TERRAZZCO Green Terrazzo System is a healthier flooring solution. This system is designed with renewable ingredients that are not Red Listed.


TERRAZZCO Green Terrazzo Products achieve a durable and low-maintenance finish that is ideal for green construction projects.

TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 Terrazzo Product

Groutless™ EZPour Epoxy 158G


A two-part terrazzo product when combined with aggregates yields a durable and decorative terrazzo flooring system. No Red List Ingredients

TERRAZZCO Flexible Membrane 528

Floor Aid Flexible Membrane 528G


A two-part eco-friendly terrazzo product applied to concrete to prevent substrate cracks from transferring to the terrazzo floor finish..

TERRAZZCO Moisture Mitigation System 950

Moisture Mitigation System 950G


A moisture mitigation system designed to provide a barrier against moisture transmission from concrete to terrazzo topping.


Product Use: Concord Terrazzo Company supplies TERRAZZCO aggregates for use in epoxy and cement terrazzo installations, polished concrete, landscaping, and other construction projects. Crushed in various sizes. Large quantities are available.

Natural Aggregates

Natural Aggregates


Crushed marble and granite chips for terrazzo and landscaping projects.

Recycled Aggregates

Recycled Aggregates


Glass chips in virtually any color plus recycled porcelain and recycled concrete.

Exotic Aggregates

Exotic Aggregates


Mother of Pearl, regional shell aggregates and other decorative chips.

Aggregate Blending Service

TERRAZZCO offers an aggregate blending service to mix marble, glass, and shell chips into one packaged product.


  • Mix any colors
  • Mix any size
  • Mix any materials
CDIA Mix Glass Aggregate
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Precast Terrazzo

Customize your next precast terrazzo stair, wall base, and countertop using TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 and choice of aggregates.


Each unit is fabricated with precision and care and delivered to the construction site for quick and easy installation. As a single-source supplier, we guarantee a consistent finish to match your terrazzo floors.

Essential Products

Terrazzo Stairs

Product Use: Built to Fit any Indoor Commercial, Institutional, or Industrial Space.

Terrazzo Stair Tread Design

Self-Supporting Terrazzo Treads


Design treads for a custom terrazzo staircase. Available in fully supported and self-supported options.

Terrazzo Custom Stairs

Tread and Riser Combo


Design an epoxy tread and riser combination staircase with TERRAZZCO Brand epoxy resin and aggregates.

Precast Terrazzo Cove Base, Straight Base & Other Custom Applications

Product Use: For Use in Any Indoor Commercial, Institutional, or Industrial Setting

Terrazzo Wall Base

Terrazzo Wall Base


Concord Precast manufactures wall base profiles from a straight base, cove base, wainscot, and column covers.

Bond Bushwick Wall Tiles

Terrazzo Wall Panel


 Wall panels are ideal for vertical terrazzo applications such as ramps, seating areas, and wall cladding.

TERRAZZCO Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo Countertops


Design custom terrazzo countertops and bartops. Ideal for dining locations, commercial restrooms, and reception lobbies.


Terrazzo Tabletops


Terrazzo tabletops come in a range of sizes. Ideal for offices, restaurants, and hospitality spaces.

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Custom Terrazzo Design Products & Services

Add customization to your epoxy terrazzo floors. Our design team can help you develop logos and artwork templates, and review custom terrazzo designs for your commercial, institutional and industrial projects.

Custom Terrazzo Service
South Bay Hospital Terrazzo Floor

Terrazzo Artwork


Develop intricate logos and custom graphics for any terrazzo floor design.

TERRAZZCO Custom Terrazzo Sample

Sample Design


Our design team can help you create a mix design specific to your project.




World’s first glow-in-the-dark epoxy terrazzo system. Available in resin and abrasive channels.

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