Terrazzo Restoration Aggregate

Terrazzo Restoration Aggregates

Find aggregates to repair or restore terrazzo

A terrazzo restoration can keep the floors looking as good as new.


During this process, matching the floor color and aggregates is essential to creating the best possible outcome. A Concord Terrazzo Company representative can assist you in finding an identical aggregate match.


The listed products may be hard to find elsewhere but are currently available in stock while supplies last. Contact a representative to discuss the quantities available.



Terrazzo Restoration Projects
TERRAZZCO Carolina Cream Marble Chip

Carolina Cream

TERRAZZCO Crystal White Marble Chip

Crystal White

TERRAZZCO Florene Cream Marble Chip

Florene Cream

TERRAZZCO Jersey Cream Marble Chip

Jersey Cream

TERRAZZCO Missouri Botticino Marble Chip

Missouri Botticino

TERRAZZCO Siena Marble Chip


TERRAZZCO Sunburst Yellow Marble Chip

Sunburst Yellow

TERRAZZCO Super Black Marble Chip

Super Black

TERRAZZCO T Blue 5 Glass Chip

T Blue 5

TERRAZZCO Texas Botticino Marble Chip

Texas Botticino

TERRAZZCO Travertine Marble Chip


TERRAZZCO Ultra White Marble Chip

Ultra White

TERRAZZCO Verde Antique Marble Chip

Verde Antique

TERRAZZCO Winter White Marble Chip

Winter White

TERRAZZCO Wisconsin Cream Marble Chip

Wisconsin Cream

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Contact a Concord Terrazzo representative for assistance for terrazzo restoration projects.


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