Green Terrazzo System

TERRAZZCO Groutless EZPour Epoxy 158G


TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZpour Epoxy 158G is a pigmented, 100% solid (VOC free), two-component epoxy resin system based on renewable ingredients. It does not contain any ingredients on The Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List. When combined with an extensive variety of decorative aggregates and poured in place at 3/8” nominal thickness, it yields a highly decorative terrazzo flooring system with low life cycle costs.


Excellent performance in high-traffic areas

No Red List

Renewable ingredients that are Red List free

VOC Free

Sustainable impact with improved indoor air quality

Custom Designs

Endless design opportunities with vast material choices to work with

Forest Lake Nasa Explorer Terrazzo Design

Innovating For Green Buildings


With the importance of sourcing healthy materials for green building projects, Concord Terrazzo Company continuously researches and improves its products to meets today’s environmental standards.


All TERRAZZCO® Brand Products do not contain ingredients found on The Living Building Challenge (LBC) red list, and contain zero VOCs. Groutless EZPour Epoxy 158G is safe to install in public buildings such as schools, airports, hospitals, hotels, and other indoor environments.


Epoxy terrazzo is sustainable due to its life cost analysis. TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZPour Epoxy 158G offers architects and designers a green epoxy terrazzo system that is highly customizable and will last the lifetime of any building.

Typical Uses of EZPour Epoxy 158G

TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZpour Epoxy 158G is perfect for almost any surface where a uniformly even, highly durable product is desired. TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZpour Epoxy 158G provides the best in aesthetic value and innovation making it ideal for commercial, industrial, and institutional uses. TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZpour Epoxy 158G, when integrated with marble or granite aggregate resists heavy industrial wear and chemical corrosion making it perfect for pharmaceutical and chemical plants. TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZpour Epoxy 158G is the superior decision for educational institutions, medical centers, sports facilities, and institutions because of its hygienic, smooth surface that is effortless to clean.

Advantages of EZPour Epoxy 158G

  • VOC free for a healthier environment
  • Contains renewable ingredients
  • Not red listed
  • Contributes to LEED® credits
  • Manufactured and supplied from Southeast United States
  • Lowest life-cycle costing flooring system available
  • Extensive color capabilities allow for unlimited design variations
  • Self-priming, no primer needed

Application & Technical Data

Working Data

Working (Pot) Life: 40-50 minutes @ 75­°F

Full Set Time: 18-24 hours @ 75°F

Full Cure and Maximum Performance: 5-10 days

Mix Ratio

TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZPour Epoxy 158G has a 5:1 ratio of Part A resin to Part B hardener.


3/8″ Epoxy Terrazzo: 45-50 square feet per mixed unit

Mixing Instructions

Premix TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZPour Epoxy 158G resin Part A before using. Mix five (5) parts of TERRAZZCO® 158G resin part A with one (1) part of TERRAZZCO® hardener 158G Part B by volume with a slow speed drill until liquids are completely blended. Introduce the appropriate amount of aggregate and continue to mix. For complete installation instructions, contact your Concord Terrazzo Company representative.

Properties Results
Hardness 83.5
Tensile Strength 9,580 psi
Compressive Strength 13,260 psi
Flexural Strength 4,100 psi
Flammability self-extinguishing <.25"
Bond Strength 400 psi (100% concrete failure)
VOC Contents Zero VOCs

 Documentation & Product Details

Packaging Details


TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZpour Epoxy 158G resin part A is packaged in 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums. TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZpour 158G hardener part B is packaged in one-gallon cans, or 5-gallon pails.

Self Life: Epoxy resin system has a 1-year shelf life from the date of manufacture.


Storage Conditions: It is suggested that materials are stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. If this is not possible materials should be allowed to acclimate to controlled environmental conditions of application. Keep resins and hardeners separated from each other until ready for use. Materials should be kept away from sources of ignition. Materials should be stored in their original unopened container.

Available Colors

Tinted Colors

TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZpour Epoxy 158G provides the interior designer with unlimited and intricate design possibilities utilizing a vast spectrum of colors. When coupled with zinc, aluminum or plastic design strips and an immense array of aggregate options. TERRAZZCO® resins provide lasting, unlimited variations of hues, designs, and configurations. Colors will not lose brilliance or fade. Personalized colors and custom color matching is available upon request.

Clear Resin

TERRAZZCO® Groutless® EZpour Epoxy 158G can also be manufactured as a clear resin, referred to as EZPour Clear Epoxy 158C, providing even more options to suit your preferences and requirements.

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