Vapor Shield 601

TERRAZZCO Vapor Shield (MVS) 601

Moisture-resistant terrazzo resin for concrete exceeding relative humidity of 75-95%.


TERRAZZCO® Vapor Shield MVS 601 is a 100% Solids, two component epoxy system designed to seal concrete and reduce moisture vapor transmission through a slab having relative humidity levels between 75% and 95% as measured by ASTM F-2170.

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Product Data – Vapor Shield MVS 601
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Typical Uses of Vapor Shield (MVS) 601

TERRAZZCO® Vapor Shield MVS 601 can be used in industrial, commercial, retail, institutional facilities and health care facilities.

Advantages of MVS 601

  • Retards moisture vapor transmission rate through concrete
  • Does not affect surface profile of treated concrete
  • Gives excellent bond to properly prepared concrete
  • Packaged and premeasured for easy mixing at work sites
  • Manufactured and supplied from Southeast United States

Application & Technical Data

Working Data

Working (Pot) Life: 30 minutes

Re-Coat Time: 8-10 hours @ 75°F

Full Set Time: 12-24 hours

Full Cure Time: 5-7 days

Mix Ratio

Add TERRAZZCO® Vapor Shield MVS 601 hardener part B to TERRAZZCO® Vapor Sheild MVS 601 part A,.


The thickness of 8-12 mils at 300-400 sq. ft per unit.

Mixing Instruction

1. Premix TERRAZZCO® Vapor Shield MVS 601 resin part Ausing a low speed drill and jiffy blade for two minutes at medium speed.


2. Add TERRAZZCO® Vapor Shield MVS 601 hardener part B to TERRAZZCO® Vapor Sheild MVS 601 part A. Resin and hardener are supplied packaged in pre-measured quantities so that the entire contents of hardener part B is poured into the container of resin part A and mixed. Mix using the drill and jiffy blade for two to three minutes at medium speed.


3. Pour the mixed material onto the working area and spread using a squeegee followed by a 1/4 in. nap roller to achieve a thickness of 8 – 12 mils (300 – 400 sq. ft. per unit). Apply more material to areas showing greater penetration and soaking into the substrate.

 Documentation & Product Details

Epoxy Terrazzo System

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  • MMS 950 is required when relative humidity (RH) within the concrete substrate exceeds 75% when tested with in-situ probes.  MMS 950 should be applied to cracks prior to those cracks being filled with rigid epoxy.


  • Floor Aid Flexible Membrane 528 should be used to treat all cracks, control joints & cold pour joints in the substrate. (Do not fill cracks with Flexible Membrane 528.  Rigid epoxy such as  Groutless EZPour Epoxy 158 or Leveling Fill Epoxy 162 should be used)


  • Leveling Fill Epoxy 162 may be required to fill any cracks, voids and/or if leveling is needed.

Packaging Details


TERRAZZCO® MVS 601 Resin part A is packaged in 3.5 gallon pails, and TERRAZZCO® MVS 601 Hardener part B is packaged in 1 gallon pails.

Self Life: Material has a one-year shelf life when stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.


Storage Conditions: Materials should be stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment and out of direct sunlight. The part B hardener is susceptible to freezing. Keep resins and hardeners separated from each other until ready for use. Materials should be kept away from sources of ignition.

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