Universal Grinding Tool Plates for Electric Floor Grinders and Machinery


When it comes to floor grinders, Concord Terrazzo Company invented Universal Grinding Tool Plates to help installers save time, reduce costs, and make surface preparations much easier.


The magnetic universal plate was designed to accommodate all standard styles of tooling to provide more versatility and convenience to the machine they are fitted to.


Additionally, these grinding plates reduce machine downtime and ease workflow by not requiring a full plate swap to change styles of tooling. Available in three models: UGP-10-4, UGP-11-4, and UGP-14-4. Adapted for Terrco, STI Prep/Master, and Advance Grinders machinery.

Universal Grinding Plates

Product Features:

  • 6 Neodymium magnets provide 73 pounds of pull force per tool, for a total of 18 magnets per plate with a total pull force of 219 lbs.  
  • Plugs are held in place by a machined taper fit. 

Note: Tooling must be magnetic to be held in place (speed shift tooling does not rely on taper for holding force).  Only 2” plugs are held without magnets.  

Grinding Tool Plates Designed to Fit:

3 inch segmented diamonds
3″ (3 38″ diameter) segmented diamonds

3″ (3 3/8″ diameter) Segmented Diamonds

2 inch plugs
2″ Plugs (3 Degree)

2″ Plugs (3 Degree)

Trapezoid PCD shoes
PCD Shoes

PCD Shoes

Speed Shift
Velcro Pads

 Speed Shift Velcro Pads

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Universal Grinding Plates 14-4vs4

UGP-14-4 Universal Grinding Tool Plates


UPG-14-4 fits the following models:

  • Terrco Model 6200
  • Terrco Model 3100P
  • Terrco Model 3100
  • Terrco Model 701-S
  • STI Prep/Master 4420
  • STI Prep/Master 2807
  • STI Prep/Master 3030
Universal Grinding Plate 11-4

UGP-11-4 Universal Grinding Tool Plates


UPG-11-4 fits the following models:

  • Terrco Model 2000
  • STI Prep/Master 2420
Universal Grinding Plate 10-4v1

UGP-10-4 Universal Grinding Tool Plates


UPG-10-4 fits the following models:

  • Advance Grinders by Advance Machine Company