Find Your Next Career with a Leader in Terrazzo

At Concord Terrazzo, we offer more than just a job; we provide an opportunity for you to thrive and grow in your career.

Our mission is to excel in the terrazzo industry through product and innovation while upholding our core values of integrity, excellence, and customer-centricity. We foster a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, and employee empowerment, where every team member plays a vital role in our collective success.

Everything Starts with People

It is people who drive progress, innovation, and positive change. From managers who inspire and guide teams to dedicated employees who bring ideas to life, every accomplishment and achievement begins with the passion, dedication, and capabilities of individuals.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Concord Terrazzo, we celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive workplace. We believe that a diverse workforce fosters the best results. We have implemented initiatives and programs to promote diversity and ensure equal opportunities for all employees.


One-of-a-kind teams

Find a Career Path that Meets Your Skills

Research & Development

We excel at solving tough problems and take pride in creating innovative products for our customers. Working together, we combine our diverse expertise and perspectives to develop cutting-edge technologies that push industry boundaries.


  • Engineers
  • Chemists
  • Laboratory Technicians


Our operations and warehouse team are pivotal to our success. They ensure smooth processes, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction as a single-source supplier of high-quality terrazzo products.


  • Warehouse
  • Epoxy Production
  • Precast Production
  • Aggregate Crushing
  • Mechanics

Sales & Administrative

Our office team is essential in building relationships with customers and partners, ensuring their satisfaction and success. We are committed to providing comprehensive support and value across all aspects of our business.


  • Lead Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting

Benefits and Perks

Growing Industry

Terrazzo is an expanding industry. The demand for workers is projected to grow in the next decade according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

On-Board Training

Concord Terrazzo Company offers an on-board training program to integrate new employees in their acquired roles. Chance to grow and learn the terrazzo industry

Valued Employees

We acknowledge each employee's anniversary and birthday each month with company-wide luncheon, and highlight new promotions and great work!


Working together. We are committed to diversity and inclusion. Anyone is welcome to apply!

Employee Benefits

Concord Terrazzo Company offers full healthcare, dental, optical, disability and 401K benefits to full-time employees.


We offer fair and competitive pay that rewards employees for their performance.

Work-Life Balance

We promote a healthy work-life balance, which includes flexible scheduling and time off.


Concord Terrazzo Company values creative ideas. We support ideas that promote personal growth and make an impact for the company.

Concord Terrazzo Company, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other element protected by law.


To apply for a position at Concord Terrazzo Company, please send a copy of your resume and a cover letter to Concord Terrazzo Company’s Human Resources Department.