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Every day thousands of travelers take flight around the world. Airports in major cities are updating their terminals and concourses with upgraded and modernized designs and making decisions to improve the traveler experience.


During the planning and design stages, key officials determine ways to create an efficient airport while reducing operations costs. Epoxy terrazzo offers a longterm solution that avoids costly maintenance issues and keeps traffic moving along seamlessly.


There’s a significant rise in the amount of epoxy terrazzo installed in airport projects in the United States and around the world. Terrazzo adds order, clarity, and even beauty to the passenger experience.


How Epoxy Terrazzo Benefits Airports

  • Durable floor finish for high-traffic areas
  • Most cost-effective flooring system due to low maintenance costs over lifecycle
  • Design flexibility to create wayfinding patterns and creative artwork
  • Seamless surface allowing travelers to transport luggage easily
  • Quick installation covering large areas of space, reducing project duration
  • Meets LEED criteria with recycled contents and regionally sourced materials
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain floor finish
  • Safe walkways with slip-resistant floors
  • Zero VOCs for healthy indoor environments
  • Prevention and spread of bacteria, mold, and mildew


Ft. Lauderdale Airport Terrazzo

Learn More on How Terrazzo Impacts Airports

Durability For High Traffic Areas

Airports remain the busiest place year-round. To meet the demands of high traffic areas, airports rely on epoxy terrazzo additions to concourses, terminals, baggage claims, retail shops, and restrooms.


Poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo is quick to install over a large area of space, making it preferred over traditional flooring systems like carpet and tile.


Another advantage of epoxy terrazzo is its minor repairs and replacements over its lifecycle.  Other flooring systems will cost airports more in the long run because of needed repairs; however, with epoxy terrazzo, the flooring system typically lasts the lifetime of any airport building.

Ease of Maintenance

With airports operating all day, an easy to maintain floor is a requirement.


Epoxy terrazzo is one of the easiest floors to care for in any building. To maintain a terrazzo floor, all that is needed is a mop and a bucket of warm water.


Epoxy terrazzo has other maintenance advantages for airports. The seamless nature of a terrazzo floor prevents the build-up of residue. The absence of seams allows travelers to transport luggage easily across the floor as well.

Connecting Travelers with Design

Airports are the gateways to a city.


First impressions are everything in this day of airports with emphasis on establishing an environment that reflects the local culture and provides adequate comfort.


Terrazzo is the perfect flooring solution to engage travelers. Terrazzo offers unlimited design possibilities using different colors and aggregate combinations, patterns and artwork.


Many airports are taking advantage of terrazzo’s design capabilities by creating narratives about a city’s history and culture through an art form. Designers have the flexibility to bring to life anything imaginable with an epoxy terrazzo floor.


The vibrant colors and shine of a terrazzo floor replace uninspired, dated flooring, guiding travelers onward to their next destination.

Southwest Florida International Airport Terrazzo

Healthy Airport Environments

Epoxy terrazzo contains zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). As a result, airports can benefit from improved indoor air quality when installing an epoxy terrazzo floor. Epoxies will not emit harmful off-gassing throughout the lifecycle of the flooring system.


Concord Terrazzo Company’s epoxy resin products are tested and proven to have zero VOCs when installing an epoxy terrazzo floor in airports and other commercial projects. Health Product Declarations are available.

Sustainable Airports with Terrazzo

Epoxy terrazzo is a flooring system the incorporates the use of recycled materials.


LEED points can be attributed to epoxy terrazzo when using recycled or regionally-sourced materials. Recycled materials include the use of post-industrial marble and glass chips and the use of recycled divider strips in the floor’s design.


Epoxy, aggregates and other components of a terrazzo floor supplied within 500 miles of a project’s site contribute to LEED points as well.

Orlando Melbourne International Airport Terrazzo
Terrazzo Floor - Charlotte Airport
Charlotte Airport - Terrazzo Floors
Charlotte Airport - Terrazzo


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