An Architect’s Guide to Terrazzo Samples

An Architects Guide to Terrazzo Samples

An Architect’s Guide to Terrazzo Samples


Considering epoxy terrazzo, but haven’t worked with the material before or undecided on the overall appearance?  Terrazzo samples are a perfect way of previewing building materials before using it in a project. With the rising popularity of terrazzo today, many architects and owners are seeking terrazzo contractors for a design consultation – many of them experiencing terrazzo for the first time. To help architects with their decision-making, we developed an Architect’s Guide to Terrazzo Samples, highlighting the benefits of requesting a terrazzo sample.


Samples help you better understand the material

Terrazzo may be the first material choice on some architect’s list, but later determined it may not be the right material for a project. In vice versa, an architect may have never considered terrazzo before, but could later determine that the material’s benefits are exactly what they were searching for all along. The bottom line is terrazzo samples can be a way of understanding the material first-hand.


Samples offer the ability for anyone to touch and feel the material. After receiving a sample, an architect can get a better indication if the material is durable enough or is a good design match. It’s a great way to also expand the imagination as well. After evaluating the sample, new possibilities may emerge. You could see yourself using terrazzo for countertops or installing terrazzo in a restroom, extending the original plan.


Digital samples are not always the same

With the emergence of the digital age, viewing samples online has never been more convenient and easier. But don’t let that fool you. In a time when architects are working diligently to meet deadlines, it may make sense for some architects to request a sample brochure sent directly to their email inboxes. With thousands of terrazzo samples available online today, we highly suggest requesting a sample for good reasons.


One reason is analyzing the sample’s design. Does the hard sample look identical to the online sample? Also, another reason to request a hard sample is to decide if the mix design is exactly how you imagined it would look. Do you like the aggregate? How about the resin color? When a terrazzo sample is not exactly what you have hoped for, it is not the end of the world. The design flexibility of terrazzo is so tremendous that you can really find the right match in aggregate and color by testing out multiple designs.


Comparing competitor’s samples

Requesting terrazzo samples also allows architects to review different manufacturer’s materials. Terrazzo has a long life cycle; therefore, it is a long-term investment. While terrazzo is great for any surface, there may be one sample that stands out among the rest. This is also the time to look into the sample for any potential issues or seek more information about the product.

Blue Terrazzo Sample
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Expert design team

The design team at Concord Terrazzo Company is here to listen to your request. We also offer design consultation to help you decide which mix of aggregate and resin color are popular in today’s industry or walk you through how terrazzo can make a lifelong impact on your next project. Our design team does an in-house evaluation of the sample so that by the time it arrives at your doorstep, it is everything you have asked for and more.


Samples = No cost

To help you make the best decision for your project, we offer terrazzo samples at little to no cost for the architectural and design community. From our catalog of samples to a custom-made design, our design team can make a sample that meets your needs.


Quick turnaround

We understand the time restraints architects and owners have for projects; therefore when designing samples, we work hard to get the samples in your hands as soon as possible. When requesting samples, our team has a two-week or less turnaround on all requests. Concord Terrazzo Company is able to accomplish this quick turnaround due to our in-house aggregate processing and epoxy production locations.


No cookie-cutter process

Concord Terrazzo Company does not mass produces its samples. We do not pull a sample off a shelf, put it in a box and ship it out to you. Instead, we create a terrazzo sample from scratch. Each sample is handled with care, using the right amount of aggregate, and using the correct resin color. We go above and beyond to make sure that the design exceeds your expectations.