Set the stage for casinos and entertainment venues with TERRAZZCO. Create a lively atmosphere by designing a customized terrazzo floor.

Creating Memorable Experiences



Add to the excitement of casinos and entertainment environments with an attractive terrazzo design that welcomes guests and exudes a sense of relaxation and stress relief.


Go all-in with an epoxy terrazzo floor for entertainment venues such as casinos, movie and performing arts theaters, nightclubs, and bowling alleys.

How Epoxy Terrazzo Benefits Entertainment Venues

  • Durable floor finish for high-traffic areas
  • Most cost-effective flooring system due to low maintenance costs over lifecycle
  • Design flexibility to match create unique atmospheres
  • Ability to match the precast base and stairs to the epoxy terrazzo floor
  • Quick installation covering large areas of space, reducing project duration
  • Meets LEED criteria with recycled contents and regionally sourced materials
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain floor finish
  • Safe walkways with slip-resistant floors
  • Zero VOCs for healthy indoor environments
  • Prevention and spread of bacteria, mold, and mildew


Event Center Terrazzo Floors

Learn More on How Terrazzo Impacts Casinos and Entertainment Venues

Strength and Durability

Why gamble on flooring systems that require frequent repair and even full replacements?


Terrazzo’s strength and durability are exceptional for high-traffic areas in casinos, nightclubs, and theaters.


Other flooring systems like carpet and tile do not compare in the overall performance and maintenance of epoxy terrazzo. As a result, terrazzo is guaranteed to last the lifespan of an entertainment venue with minimal repairs and replacements making it the most cost-effective flooring system today.

Bowling Alley Terrazzo

Low Maintenance

A non-porous poured-in-place terrazzo floor requires minimal maintenance, thus keeping casinos and entertainment venues looking exquisite all-year long.


With no grout joints, terrazzo prevents antimicrobial growth. Terrazzo also is not easily stained and is impervious to common spills.


In fact, terrazzo is easy to clean. All that is required is a mop and bucket of warm water for daily cleaning.

Design Flexibility

Epoxy terrazzo is fully customizable. Create a lively and fun atmosphere with detailed logos and graphics, exotic materials, and elegant color choices.


Intricate designs can promote comfort and excitement in every direction – a place that encourages guests to engage with their surroundings.


Navigational cues can guide guests to their seats or find the closest food and beverage area for refreshments.

Harrah Casino Terrazzo Design


Terrazzo contains zero VOCs, with no off-gassing during the installation and during the lifespan of the surface. The absence of harmful toxins creates healthy indoor environments for entertainment venues.


With plenty of design options available, terrazzo can combine a mix of recycled content including post-industrial marble, glass, porcelain, and concrete chips. Components in TERRAZZCO epoxy resins and aluminum divider strips are also sources of recycled content used in terrazzo.


Another way for architects to earn LEED points for their projects is to use locally-sourced products. Materials supplied within 500 miles of the project’s site can contribute to LEED points.

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Mango's Tropical Cafe - Terrazzo Design
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