How to Choose Color Options for Terrazzo

How A Choose A Color Option for Terrazzo

How to Choose Color Options for Terrazzo


The color options are endless when selecting a terrazzo floor system for any commercial or residential application. But where to start? In this blog post, we’ll provide recommendations on selecting colors for your terrazzo floor.


Color Options for Terrazzo: Aggregates

Terrazzo floors get their color from either epoxy resin or cement and aggregates. In fact, aggregates make up over 70% of the terrazzo floor.


For newcomers to the terrazzo industry, they must know what selection of aggregates are available to them. The most common terrazzo chips used today are marble, glass, and shells. What’s great about aggregates is that architects and designers can find any chip color they desire from terrazzo contractors around the United States and the world.


White marble is a popular color choice in terrazzo, but you have options to select aggregates that come in different shades of grays, blues, greens, yellows, and other colors. Glass is another popular option allowing for more vibrant chip colors compared to marble chips.


The selection of clear glass blends in nicely with any floor color. You can even match the aggregate color with the floor color for a uniform look. But you can also make your floor stand out by either grouping together different aggregate colors or pick an aggregate that contrasts with the floor color itself.

TERRAZZCO Northern White Marble Chip
TERRAZZCO Fresh Water Mother of Pearl Shell Aggregates

Color Options for Terrazzo: White and Light-Colored Floors

White is one of the class color options for terrazzo. Epoxy terrazzo floors provide a seamless floor transition across spaces for a clean crisp look. This color choice is great for anyone looking to match a white terrazzo floor with white interiors, create a minimalist appearance, or add a white terrazzo floor for contrast with darker elements in the room. Shades of white including cream, beige, vanilla, and magnolia add a bit more color while looking light in appearance.


If you are looking to install a floor that does not draw attention, then a white terrazzo floor is a great option. The only drawback of a white terrazzo floor is that dirt and debris are more noticeable; therefore, it is important to clean the floor daily.

White Epoxy Terrazzo Floor

Color Options for Terrazzo: Black Colored Floors

Like white terrazzo, black is another one of the class color options for terrazzo floors offering a clean crisp look as well.  Very bold. Very spacious. They can provide an amazing contrast when partnered with white walls.

Black Terrazzo Floor

Color Options for Terrazzo: Bright Colored Floors

Bright color choices are recommended when using terrazzo as an art medium. Terrazzo can incorporate different patterns and shapes, which become a focus for many building spaces. In application, hospitals can use color to guide patients to designated rooms and schools can install their logo with surrounding school colors to help strengthen school spirits.

Colorful Terrazzo Floor

In conclusion, terrazzo floors are known for their design flexibility. It’s a fully customizable floor perfect for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies, and any place you can dream of. We recommend contacting Concord Terrazzo Company for your terrazzo needs. We offer free custom samples to the architectural and design community. Find satisfaction with your own custom terrazzo design.


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