How to Clean Terrazzo Countertops?

How to Clean Terrazzo Countertops

How to Clean Terrazzo Countertops?

Nothing speaks volumes than a clean kitchen or bathroom. In fact, cleanliness is often associated with good health. By emptying the trash, sweeping the floors or wiping down the counters, you are one step away from a cleaner space. At Concord Terrazzo Company, our precast shop design terrazzo countertops for institutional, commercial and industrial spaces using our line of TERRAZZCO® Brand epoxy and aggregates. Today we’ll elaborate on how to clean terrazzo countertops properly.


Terrazzo is a composite material that is made from either marble, quartz, recycled glass, and other aggregates then mixed and poured with an epoxy binder. Once the material is ground and polished, it creates a smooth surface suitable for any space.

Tips to Clean a Terrazzo Countertop

Besides its durability and design, terrazzo is known for its ease of maintenance. While terrazzo does not require much cleaning, the material does require proper care throughout the years. Here’s a helpful guide to maintaining a terrazzo countertop:


Tip #1: Avoid Harsh Cleaners and Sealers

In most cases, you are able to wipe down a countertop with a soft cloth. Some people decide to use special cleaners to help clean up messes. In this case, we highly suggest if you do use a cleaner, use a cleaner at a neutral pH level. In all situations, avoid products like:

  • Polish removers
  • Tile and drain cleaners and/or detergents
  • Paint removers
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Other acidic products, such as products with vinegar or lemon juice contents

By using products with acidic content, you can damage the terrazzo countertop surface.

TERRAZZCO Terrazzo Countertops

Tip #2: Clean any spills immediately

Accidents do happen. As a result, it is best to clean up a spill or potential stains right away. Spills alter the surface’s appearance.


Tip #3: Avoid rough fabrics or metal scourers to clean a terrazzo surface

When removing a stain or spill, it is best to use soft materials to clean the surface. By using a rough fabric, it is more likely that the surface will receive scratches.

Custom Terrazzo Countertop with Black and White Aggregates

Tip #4: Avoid Waxes

A certain shine can add a unique look to countertops. Sometimes people will add wax to a countertop’s surface, thinking the wax will give the surface a nice polish. Avoid using wax for a good reason: bacteria prevention. Bacteria can build up from wax residue, leaving more health risks in your kitchen or bathroom.


Tip #5: Clean countertops frequently

We recommend cleaning a terrazzo countertop daily to remove dust particles. Dust and other residues can act as abrasive and eventually cause small scratches on the surface. Take a soft cloth and give your countertops a quick clean. This will allow your countertops to prolong their appearance and longevity.



Have questions about maintaining a terrazzo surface or are interested in designing your very own countertop? Then contact Concord Terrazzo Company today at to receive more information.